Best crops for each season in Coral Island

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When you’re looking for the best ways to make money in Coral Island, you’ll probably want to know the best crops for each season.

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter have their own crops, and some will earn you more money than others. It also depends on your Town Rank, which can earn you even better crops.

Coral Island: Best crops to make money for each season

I’ll be listing a few great crops to keep an eye out for per season to make the most profit. This takes into account how long the growth time is, how much per harvest you get, and the profit earned per crop. As a note, you can earn even more money per crop if you grow bronze-quality vegetables and fruit, alongside other types of produce. Let’s finally dive right into the best crops for each season in Coral Island.

Best crops for each season in Coral Island
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Best Spring crops in Coral Island

CropSeed PriceSelling PriceHarvest TimeRank
Sugarcane50235 days (1 day regrow)D
Strawberry14510210 days (4 day regrow)D
Cauliflower7017510 daysF
Poppy30827 daysE

Sugarcane will probably get the most bang for your buck during the Spring season. Only taking five days to grow, and giving you plenty of Sugarcane daily will make this your most profitable crop. Strawberries also regrew every four days, so if you plant it at the earliest time, you’ll get a Strawberry harvest five times a month!

Then we have the Cauliflower, which is very profitable for your first year at Rank F. Although it takes 10 days to grow, and it’s expensive to buy, they sell for a whopping 175 per Cauliflower. Finally, the Poppy is also a great crop, only taking seven days to grow and raking in a 52 coin profit.

Best Summer crops in Coral Island

CropSeed PriceSelling PriceHarvest TimeRank
Hot Pepper40367 days (3 day regrow)F
Pineapple1102019 daysD
Melon13023312 daysE
Lily601499 daysD

Hot Peppers are a must-buy because they not only grow in the Summer, but in the Fall as well! Regrowing every three days is also incredible with the amount of Hot Peppers you can harvest per crop. Pineapples are also very profitable, although they do take nine days to grow. They’ll still make you a ton of profit each Summer.

Melons take quite a long time at 12 days of growth time, but with a 103 coin profit, they’re worth it. Lastly, Lilies aren’t as expensive as the last two crops, and although they take nine days to grow, that’s an 89 coin profit per Lily.

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Best Fall crops in Coral Island

CropSeed PriceSelling PriceHarvest TimeRank
Hot Pepper40367 days (3 day regrow)F
Lily601499 daysD
Garlic301109 daysC
Pumpkin9011613 days (7 days regrow)E
Taro Root35245 days (2 day regrow)D

Hot Peppers and Lilies still continue to be excellent crops during the Fall, so don’t think about destroying those Hot Pepper crops yet! New to the season is Garlic, which makes you an 80 coin profit after nine days of growth.

Next are Pumpkins, which take a while to grow and regrow, but are still worth it at how much they can sell for when you have a bunch of them. Finally, Taro Root is one of the best for both profit and regrowth. It’ll regrow every two days and you can harvest quite a few Taro Root per crop.

Best Winter crops in Coral Island

CropSeed PriceSelling PriceHarvest TimeRank
Snowdrops4512512 daysC
Cotton501059 daysC

Winter doesn’t allow you to grow too many crops, but these two are the best. Snowdrops will give you an 80 coin profit after 12 days for a pretty low seed price. Then there’s Cotton, which gives you a little less profit but can grow faster than Snowdrops. Tea Leaves are the other crop available to plant during the winter, but I think these two are more profitable than the Tea Leaf.

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