Best killstreaks in MW3

Best Killstreaks in mw3
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The gunplay and movement in MW3 feel fantastic, but there’s no better way to rub a good game in your opponent’s faces than battering them with Killstreaks. As some streaks are locked behind the Armory system, knowing what’s worth using is essential. Here are the best Killstreaks in MW3.

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How to unlock all killstreaks in MW3

Many Killstreaks can be obtained through regular gameplay and leveling your character. However, some are locked behind the Armory System and will require unlocking individually. Here’s a list of every Killstreak in MW3, their kill requirements, and which ones are Armory-locked.

  • UAV: 4 Kills
  • Mosquito Drone: 4 Kills
  • SAM Turret: 4 Kills
  • Bomb Drone: 4 Kills – Armory
  • Care Package: 5 Kills – Armory
  • Guardian-SC: 5 Kills
  • Counter UAV: 5 Kills
  • Cluster Mine: 6 Kills – Armory
  • Precision Airstrike: 6 Kills
  • Cruise Missile: 6 Kills
  • Remote Turret: 6 Kills
  • SAE: 7 Kills
  • Mortar Strike: 7 Kills – Armory
  • Overwatch Helo: 8 Kills
  • Juggernaut Recon: 8 Kills
  • Wheelson-HS: 8 Kills – Armory
  • VTOL Jet: 10 Kills – Armory
  • Carpet Bomb: 10 Kills
  • Emergency Airdrop: 10 Kills – Armory
  • Gunship: 12 Kills – Armory
  • Advanced UAV: 12 Kills – Armory
  • Chopper Gunner: 12 Kills
  • Juggernaut: 15 Kills – Armory

The Best Killstreaks in MW3 ranked

best killstreaks in mw3
Image: PC Invasion

All Killstreaks in MW3 have utility, but they aren’t created equally. There’s plenty to consider when choosing the best Killstreaks, from their strength to whether they are worth the required score to call in. It’s worth mentioning that skill-based matchmaking is quite strict in MW3, so you rarely see players “pop off” like in older titles, and I’ve considered this with my choices.

#6 Care Package

Let’s start the list with a fan favorite. The Care Package is relatively cheap at five kills and can potentially grant the most powerful Killstreaks in the game. Rewards are weighted against you, and you risk the crate being stolen. That said, the Care Package is a great way to enjoy powerful rewards if you cannot earn high streaks.

The low cost makes the Care Package great for new players and may be something to consider unlocking early from the Armory.

#5 Gunship

There’s a case to be made for swapping this entry with the Chopper Gunner, but I prefer the spectacle of the Gunship. Nothing instills fear into your opponents like an assault from above and often has them scurrying for cover.

If you manage to secure 12 kills, the Gunship is devastating, but that’s not always a good thing. The few Gunships I’ve called in often prompt the enemy team to quit, and it’s a shame considering the work it takes to bring one out.

The Gunship is incredible and fun to use, but I can’t place it higher based on my experience with the Killstreak.

#4 Advanced UAV

The Advanced UAV is a brutal Killstreak and can turn a match around no matter how bad the situation is. The Advanced version of the UAV shows your enemy locations in real-time and even where they are facing. No matter how strong your opponents are, they are utterly helpless with the Advanced UAV active and can’t even shoot it down.

If you’re doing well enough to earn the 12 required kills to call one in, you’re likely winning anyway. This Killstreak would easily take the number one spot if this weren’t the case.

#3 Cruise Missile

best killstreaks in mw3
Image: PC Invasion

The Cruise Missile reminds me of the Predator Missile from the original MW2 and is just as deadly. You can call in a controllable missile for the low cost of six kills and delete any player you wish.

The Cruise Missile is incredible on objective modes, and as it’s called in so quickly, your opponents have very little time to find cover. This starkly contrasts the SAE, which hits more targets but takes so long to land it’s not worth the hassle.

This Killstreak is well worth the cost and is easily obtainable if you can stay alive.

#2 Overwatch Helo

I’m a fan of “fire and forget” Killstreaks, and the Overwatch Helo is precisely that. The Overwatch Helo loosely follows you around while pinging targets and shooting at them.

It always surprises me how many players won’t swap to deal with air support, and the Overwatch Helo scores a ton of kills because of it. As players wise up, the lethality of this Killstreak may change. As it stands, the Overwatch Helo usually secures way more kills than it costs to call in.

#1 UAV

I know it’s not flashy and is arguably a little boring, but the tried and true UAV is the strongest killstreak in MW3. You only need a measly four kills to get one, and it benefits the entire team. Knowing where your opponents are is a massive advantage in any fight, and you can use the information to climb to higher streaks.

Many players don’t use Ghost T/V Camo, so you can gain reliable intel and earn your higher-tier Killstreaks more easily. Even if the UAV doesn’t yield results for you, it will likely help your teammates. UAVs are game-changing in Hardcore modes and often start a snowball effect that wins matches. Everyone can earn UAVs, and their importance cannot be understated.

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