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Best locations to search cash registers and safes in Fortnite Chapter 5

This is one of the easiest Chapter 5 quests.

Weekly Fortnite quests usually aren’t too challenging, but sometimes they can be just annoying enough to need a guide. This quest, which requires you to search cash registers and safes, is one of those.

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Best Cash Register and Safe Locations in Fortnite Chapter 5

To complete this quest, all you have to do is search five different cash registers or safes. Safes are way less common than cash registers, so most people will want to find the former rather than the latter to knock this quest out quickly.

You’ve no doubt come across a ton of cash registers during your Fortnite matches over the years, but now that you’re required to find some, your mind may draw a blank when it comes to locations. Sure, they’re usually found in stores and shops, but where on the map is the best place to look? The Chapter 5 map is still so new, too, so you may not be familiar with every POI yet to make things worse.

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While you can find cash registers at just about any major POI on the Fortnite map, the best place to find them in Chapter 5 is Pleasant Piazza. Located in the southwestern part of the island just above Snooty Steppes (home of Peter Griffin), this town is comprised entirely of stores. Every single building will have at least one cash register inside, so this challenge is a breeze to complete if you land here.

If you can’t find enough cash registers to complete the quest in a single match, then you can head north to Ritzy Riviera. It’s not as densely packed with cash registers as Pleasant Piazza, but you can still find a handful of them scattered throughout the POI’s buildings. Remember, you don’t need to find all five cash registers in a single match. It’s okay to search a few at Pleasant Piazza and then work on other challenges until the next round.

This is just one of many Fortnite Chapter 5 quests, and thankfully, it’s one of the easier ones. It’ll give you a solid chunk of XP without requiring much effort on your part. If you’re still in need of more XP for your battle pass so you can unlock Peter Griffin and Solid Snake, why don’t you give Fortnite Festival a try?

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