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Best Lumbering Pals in Palworld for logging and wood gathering

Make Pals gather wood for you!

Wood is one of the most important crafting ingredients in Palworld, but chopping trees yourself is way too much work. Thankfully, you can make your Pals do all the work for you! Some Pals are more suited to Lumbering and logging than others, though.

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Having a balanced team of Pals at your main base in Palworld is crucial to progressing at a steady pace and advancing through the Technology Points tree as fast as possible. Sometimes you just need a bunch of crafting materials though, so making a secondary base just for Lumbering is a good idea. If you need a bunch of wood, these are the best Lumbering Pals to put to work on your base in Palworld.

Best Pals for Lumbering in Palworld

While there are a ton of Pals who can gather wood for you in Palworld, there are a select few with an especially high Lumbering skill that makes that perfect for cutting trees and working at the Logging Camp. Only four Pals in the game have a level three Lumbering skill, so these are the absolute best Pals for Lumbering:

  • Bushi
  • Wumpo
  • Wumpo Botan
  • Warsect

You can catch Wumpo easily on the northernmost snowy region of the Palpagos Islands, but you’ll need to be a high level and have strong enough Pals to make the trek and capture one. Bushi is your best bet if you’ve got decent gear in Palworld since you can catch an Alpha version of it at the location marked on the map below. The Alpha Bushi boss is level 23, so make sure you’re adequately prepared with Mega Spheres, Giga Spheres, and strong weapons. We’ve marked the location of the Alpha Bushi boss with a star on the map screenshot below.

Palworld Bushi Alpha Pal Spawn Location
Image: Mapgenie, PC Invasion

Best Early Game Lumbering Pals

If you’re still early in Palworld and just built your first Logging Camp to kickstart your wood production, there are plenty of Lumbering Pals that can work for you in the opening hours of the game. Tanzee and Lifmunk are the most common Lumbering Pals for new Palworld players. They both only have a level one Lumbering skill, but they also have several other abilities that make them highly versatile workers.

Once you reach level 15-20, you can start looking for Pals that have a level two Lumbering skill. The most common level two Lumbering Pals are Eikthyrdeer, Dinossom, and Mammorest. These are all located in the starting areas of Palworld, and Dinossom and Mammorest in particular tend to wander around the initial tutorial plateau.

Palworld Dinossom Logging Lumbering
Image: PC Invasion

Every Lumbering Pal in Palworld Ranked

There are a ton of other options for Lumbering, however, so keep an eye out for these Pals when exploring the Palpagos Islands if you want to boost your wood production.

  • Level 3 Lumbering Pals
    • Bushi
    • Wumpo
    • Wumpo Botan
    • Warsect
  • Level 2 Lumbering Pals
    • Mossanda
    • Mossanda Lux
    • Eikthyrdeer
    • Eikythyrdeer Terra
    • Gorirat
    • Reindrix
    • Dinossom
    • Dinossom Lux
    • Verdash
    • Elphidran
    • Cryolinx
    • Blazehowl
    • Blazehowl Noct
    • Mammorest
    • Mammorest Cryst
    • Fenglope
    • Menasting
    • Grizzbolt
    • Paladius
    • Necromus
  • Level 1 Lumbering Pals
    • Lifmunk
    • Tanzee
    • Arsox
    • Cawgnito
    • Robinquill
    • Robinquill Terra
    • Beegarde
    • Elizabee
    • Univolt
    • Pyrin
    • Pyrin Noct

Each of these Pals also has other skills like Mining, Handiwork, or Planting that will also let them work on different parts of your base. They also require different amounts of food as well, so keep that in mind when deciding which Pals to catch. Some, like Eikthyrdeer, also have special skills like powerful attacks of the ability to ride them.

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