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Best Mutators in Remnant 2: Ranked

Turn your gun into a weapon.

Mutators are one of the ways to turn your weapon from good to great in Remnant 2. They add subtle little bonuses to whatever you’re hammering into your enemy and can often completely change how your playstyle works. A lot of mutators can be easily purchased through various vendors throughout the world. However, other, more impressive ones take a little work to find. This list of the best Mutators in Remnant 2 will help you decide which Mutator is best for you and where to find it.

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The 10 best Mutators in Remnant 2 ranked

Mutators come in two types: melee and ranged. In this guide for the best Mutators in Remnant 2, I am going to group them together in their rank of 10 to 1. However, these are all my personal preferences according to my playstyle. I like to play hard and fast with maximum DPS and minimal downtime between damage phases. Some people say I am an impatient player, I just think I am efficient.

Slayer Mutator


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The Slayer Mutator in Remnant 2 increases your damage output after reloading by 10% for 3 seconds. When it is upgraded to level 10, it also increases your reload speed by 15%. It isn’t boasting crazy numbers, but if you have something like a shotgun equipped, you pretty much always have the Mutator going in the background.

This Mutator can be found in Dwells shop in Ward 13.

Timewave Mutator

Timewave isn’t for everyone, but due to the unique nature of this Mutator, it certainly deserves to make the best of list in Remnant 2. Timewave applies slow to enemies within a radius of you and your ring of death. For crowd control in a tight spot, this is amazing. It gives you the time to whip out your short-range or melee weapons and clear out anything brave enough to get close.

You can find this Remnant 2 Mutator by defeating the Restless Spirit in the Tower of the Unseen in N’Erud or talking to the Machine at the end of the secret passage in the N’Erud Terminus Station.

Ghost Shell Mutator

If you’re using a high-fire rate weapon or something with a bit more finesse, you’re sure to be plugging away at weak spots constantly. The Ghost Shell Mutator boosts weak spot damage by 20% after three consecutive hits. This can deliver serious damage over time, provided you know how to aim.

You can find the Ghost Shell Mutator by interacting with the Rotten Thaen Fruit after the Red Empress storyline.

Refunder Mutator

Best Mutators in Remnant 2 ranked

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As a player who loves huge magazines and rapid-fire weapons, this Mutator absolutely has to make the best of list in Remnant 2. It provides a 20% chance to return spent ammo to reserves, and that is furthered to 50% at level 10. This, in certain builds, can result in almost endless ammo.

You will find the Refunder Mutator after beating E.D. Alpha at the Tower of the Unseen.

Transference Mutator

This is the first melee Mutator on our list, but it’s a great one. Swinging your melee weapon around generates 5% ammo reserves for both of your weapons. Whenever you’re in a tight spot, and you have spent all your ammo, just start swinging. At level ten, if both your reserves are full, it provides an enormous 25% power to your equipped mod in Remnant 2.

You can find this by defeating the Fetid Corpse in the Void Vessel Facility in N’Erud.

Bandit Mutator

Like Refunder, this Mutator makes the best of list for its ability to keep your weapon stocked up with bullets. Rather than putting bullets into reserves, this has a slightly lower possibility, at 10%, of putting them straight back into your magazine. Therefore, you no longer actually need to reload.

You will find this Mutator by defeating the Weald Stalker and The Gnarled Archer random boss. However, it can appear anywhere on the Yaesha map.

Shield breaker Mutator

Shield Breaker

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A shield can be an absolute game-changer in Remnant 2. This is one of the best Mutators for keeping you protected from incoming fire. Every melee attack you perform grants a 2% shield up to 20%. So, keep swinging and keep living.

You can easily find this Mutator from Dwell in Ward 13.

Battery Mutator

Best Mutators in Remnant 2 ranked

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Attacks at range are easy enough to get if you have the right weaponry. With the Battery Mutator, every ranged hit you get makes the next weak spot hit to do 10% more damage. This also stacks up to five, meaning you can deliver absolute devastation at range. Furthermore, at level ten, these hits deal an additional 15% damage over 3 seconds.

Good old Dwell in Ward 13 will sell this Mutator to you in Remnant 2.

Deadly Calm Mutator

Best Mutators in Remnant 2 ranked

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To fire your weapon in Remnant 2, you need to aim constantly, so why not turn that into more damage? So, with the Deadly Calm Mutator in Remnant 2, you can increase your ranged damage by 10% over 3 seconds. This subtle but constant Mutator boost makes it one of the best in Remnant 2.

Dwell sells this, the penultimate Mutator, in Ward 13.

Twisting Wounds Mutator

Best Mutators In Remnant 2 Ranked

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Twisting Wounds works with bleed to increase ranged damage by 10%. However, this Mutator also applies bleed at level 10 on any weak spot or critical hit, making it self-sufficient and absolutely devastating. Furthermore, the level 10 upgrade will deliver 100 bleed over 10 seconds while still increasing ranged damage. This is what makes it, by far, the best Mutator in Remnant 2.

To find this Mutator in Remnant 2, you must defeat the Grime Crawler. bare in mind, this optional boss can only be found in the Butchers Quarter or Cotton’s Kiln and can be difficult to find. However, the rerolling of the campaign is well worth the payoff.

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