Remnant 2: Best Archetype Combos – Tier list

Red Widow Armor in Remnant 2

With the huge range of variations available in Remnant 2, build crafting becomes everything. You can create monsters using certain Archetypes, mods, rings, and other buffs. With a little time and effort, it becomes possible to tweak each build into new and wild directions. As you progress through the game, you are able to unlock a second archetype. Doing so will allow you to use the perks and skills of the secondary build, furthering your variation. Some are better than others, and in this list, I plan to break down the best Archetype combos in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2: Best Archetype Combos

Bear in mind these are opinion based and not absolute. I am also working on the assumption that you have unlocked the various Archetypes in this best-of list. Remnant 2 has a fun trick of hiding all the better Archetypes deep within the game, and they take hard work and some mystical know-how to achieve.

Some of these builds are fun, and some are just straight-up broken. Here is my list of the top Archetype combos in Remnant 2. These are all suited to different playstyles, so look through and find one that works for you.

Hunter + Gunslinger Archetype combo

Remnant 2: Best Archetype Combos - Tier list

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You will find this on the top of any list of Archetype combos in Remnant 2, and for a good reason. It is an almost broken build that utilizes the seemingly limitless ammo of the Gunslingers Loaded prime perk. Gunslinger decreases reload times, keeps ammo at an all-time high, and improves ranged damage.

The Hunter brings more damage to the table with the Deadeye perk. This increases ranged damage, weak spot damage, and critical hit chance. Shroud and Hunters mark further critical damage as enemies become marked or ambushed.

The combo of these two Archetypes in Remnant 2 creates a DPS build that, although susceptible to damage, deals it out in abundance. Using a huge magazine and fast-firing weapon like the Bonesaw will leave you almost constantly firing at range for insane DPS.

Medic + Engineer Archetype combo

Remnant 2: Best Archetype Combos - Tier list

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These two have a synergy that was just made to work in Remnant 2. The combination of the two takes the self-healing capabilities of the Medic and pairs them with Engineers’ heavy weapons specialties. The Bonesaw for the Medic is already an absolute monster of a gun; pairing it with Engineers Prime Perk makes it apocalyptic.

The Engineer is the main Archetype in this build. You should utilize the High Tech prime perk, which grants infinite ammo, an increased fire rate, and a 25% damage output for 25 seconds. This is obscene when slotted into a huge magazine gun with an already rapid-fire rate.

The Medic pulls its weight in this Archetype Remnant 2 combo with self-healing capabilities. They turn the build into a tank that still has the firepower that Medic would lack on its own. Deploying the Engineers’ turret and taking a moment to stand within Medics’ healing aura can keep you alive in even the worst situations.

Handler + Engineer Archetype combo

Remnant 2: Best Archetype Combos - Tier list

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This is one of the best Archetype combos in Remnant 2 for those of you who are a little newer to the game or the genre. Having both a turret and a dog to hand gives you all the space you need to be able to take a step back from the action and learn how to manage damage phases and dodging phases.

The prime perk of the Handler is a must for anyone struggling on the harder difficulties. With Bonded, the companion will attempt to revive you. This helps with staying on top of the game when things get tough. The Handler also has perks for ranged attacks and movement speed to help with staying distant and damaging.

Pair the companion’s healing abilities in the Handler Archetype with the Turret of the Engineer to produce a hands-off style that should, theoretically, keep you at a distance. The engineer’s heavy mobility skill only furthers the movement speed of the combo making evasion easier in a tight spot.

Invader + Hunter Archetype combo

Remnant 2: Best Archetype Combos - Tier list

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Death from the Shadows is the name of the game with this Remnant 2 Archetype combo. Remain unseen and click heads/grotesque growths from a distance. You don’t have to be in the middle of everything to create some real carnage. This is a great build for multiplayer which will only further the distractions you need.

The Shadow prime perk from the Invader Archetype is the best option for this combo. You can create a decoy that draws enemy fire as you find a new place to deliver your damage from. Any enemies targeting your decoy also take extra damage.

The Hunter’s time to shine is with their fantastic extra ranged damage. This combo in Remnant 2 allows the Hunter in the duo to move to a good distance and use their skills to annihilate enemies that are targeting the Invader’s decoys.

Summoner + Archon Archetype combo

Remnant 2

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If you have managed to put yourself through the absolutely insane process of unlocking the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2, then you may as well use it. The mod-boosting power of this Archetype, paired with the endless fun of summoning minions, makes this one of the best and maybe the most fun Archetype combo in Remnant 2. 

Using the prime perk of the Archon boosts mod power drastically in Remnant 2. This can be paired with the Amplify perk for a further 50% mod damage boost. By this point, your Archetype combo is already making huge waves with equipped mods.

Now combine this with the Dominator perk from the Summoner class, and you boost your mods even further. This perk boosts mod damage whenever a minion is active. This should be almost constant in Remnant 2. Your Archetype build now has insane mod generation.

To really make the most of this Archetype build, you need to focus on what mods to use. I would opt for something like Firestorm and Skewer. Firestorm will turn your screen into a fire tornado that toasts everything in sight, while Skewer will basically be a one-hit kill sniper on most enemies.


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