Remnant 2 - Secrets of the Red Empress: All storylines, rewards and loot
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Remnant 2 – Secrets of the Red Empress: All storylines, rewards and loot

What secrets does this Empress hide?

The many worlds of Remnant 2 can lead you on many a winding path. Each world has at least two separate storylines you can become involved in. As you play through the game, you will encounter one of two possible outcomes in every new location you visit. It is possible to re-roll and land yourself a new storyline, but on your initial playthrough, you will only end up with one. The world of Yaesha provides the Red Empress storyline and the many rewards that come with it. However, knowing which paths to take and how to make the most out of the situation you’re in takes some guidance in Remnant 2. Here is a breakdown of the storyline, rewards, and loot available for the Red Empress Remnant 2 quests in Yaesha.

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Secrets of the Red Empress storyline

In Yaesha, you will be faced with one of two storylines. These are identifiable by where you spawn in the game. It will either be in the Forbidden Grove, in which case you have the Doe and Ravager storyline or the Red Throne. The latter means you are embarking on the Corruption of the Thaen quests. This is where we will embark on the adventure for the Red Empress in Remnant 2.

The Corruption of the Thaen

For the Red Empress storyline in Yaesha, you will be faced with a task. Kill the corrupted guardian for the Empress. You can accept her task and make your way to the final confrontation, or insult her, be thrown in prison, and end up on more or less the same path in Remnant 2, regardless.

Upon leaving her throne room, however you decide to do it, you will meet a flutist who will tell you the location of the corrupted guardian. You must make your way to the Widows Court.

You must make your way through two of the overworlds to the Widows Court. The second overworld is rich with secrets but mainly acts as a gateway to the final room in the Yaesha Remnant 2 storyline.

Upon finally entering the last dungeon, you must kill the corruptor to free the guardian from its grasp. How you decide to kill the corrupted guardian is up to you. You can avoid killing the stone monstrosity and instead focus entirely on the corruptor, or you can wipe it out and then its corrupting controller.

Red Empress Loot and Secrets

There is a lot of loot to be had for completing the Red Empress’s storyline, depending on how you play and the decisions you happen to make.

Remnant 2 - Secrets of the Red Empress: All storylines, rewards and loot

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Remnant 2 quest competition loot

  • Twisted Lazurite – You will receive this for killing the corruptor while the Guardian is knocked down. Visiting McCabe will turn this into the Twisted Arbalest. This weapon, when the mod is fully charged, highlights enemies you hit. On activation, the mod brings down a sword to hit any highlighted enemies. It is a fantastic crowd-control weapon.
  • Hollow Heart – If the Guardian is still standing when you destroy the Corruptor, you will receive the Hollow Heart in Remnant 2. This can be turned into the Stonebreaker. This is a huge Remnant 2 melee weapon. It’s mod fires off the ground for huge AoE damage.
  • Zohee’s Ring – If you end up in prison at the beginning of the Red Empress Remnant 2 storyline, you can return to her in the throne room after you have defeated the boss. She will give you this ring. It grants 15% duration to mods.

Red Empress secrets

  • Insult the Queen – When you first meet the Red Empress in Remnant 2, it is possible to insult her. Doing so will drop you into a hard-to-win battle with her guards. Losing this will leave you in her prison. Exploring the prison in Yaesha will grant you the Royal Broadsword.
  • Grovel with the Queen – By sucking up to the queen after defeating the Guardian, you will be rewarded with the Seal of the Empress. This Increased max health by 20 while reducing stamina by the same amount. However, the real Red Empres’s secret lies just outside of the throne room. In the library, equip the Seal of the Empress and head down the newly opened trapdoor. You will receive Ford’s Scattergun, a weapon that is needed to unlock the crazy endgame Archetype Archon.
Remnant 2 - Secrets of the Red Empress: All storylines, rewards and loot

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Lockbox Secrets

  • Secret lockbox – Find the area called the Widows Court. This is a tile you will eventually end up in during the Red Empress storyline. In this area, look for a dead guard holding both a key and a note talking about the queen’s lockbox. You can find this lockbox hidden in the tunnel by the waterfalls. Head through them until you come to a chest. This chest has an illusionary wall beside it. At the end of these tunnels, you will find the Queens Lockbox secret in Remnant 2. Opening the lockbox will reward you with the Thaen Seed, which can be returned to the Empress for the Burden of the Rebel, which reduces skill cooldown by 15% while reducing relic use speed by 25%.
  • Keep the Thain Seed – You can plant this seed in Ward 13 gardens. While you are away from the Ward, this secret of the Red Empress will grow into a tree. This will produce Thaen Fruit constantly, which, depending on their rarity, allows you to revive with varying amounts of health. They are consumable. If you are lucky, you will be granted a Ripened heart. This provides 40.2 health over 0.5 seconds and then a further 80.5 over 5 seconds.
  • Don’t open the Lockbox – If you return the Lockbox without opening it, you will receive the Red Doe Sigil. This increases relic healing effectiveness by 30%, which then doubles below 50% health.
  • Red Doe Ravager Statue – If you approach the Statue in the Widows Court wearing the Red Doe Sigil, you will find a secret stairway opens up beneath you in Remnant 2. This will lead you to receive the Rotten Thain Fruit. Inspect the fruit until you spot a small interactive rotten spot. You will receive the Ghost Shell mutator. After 3 consecutive weak spot hits, the fourth deals 20% more damage.


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