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Best Sea Fairy Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Sea Fairy Cookie is one of the game's best Bombers.

Legendary Cookies are among the rarest and most powerful units in Cookie Run Kingdom, so if you’re lucky enough to have one, you’ve already got a strong Cookie for your team. With the right Toppings, however, units like Sea Fairy Cookie can get even stronger.

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Sea Fairy Cookie is a Bomber Cookie that goes in the Middle spot on your team. She does a ton of Water damage and stuns enemies on top of that. Plus, her Crystal Jam skill increases your team’s Critical Damage (as long as they also deal Water damage) and stuns enemies even more. It’s a simple but effective moveset, so her best Toppings are quite simple too.

Searing Raspberry Build

Using a full set of Searing Raspberry Toppings is the best way to maximize Sea Fairy Cookie’s power. Since these Toppings boost her Attack stat, they’ll greatly increase her damage output. As a Bomber Cookie, putting out high damage numbers is her main role. You can double down on this with Attack substats with some Cooldown Bonus Effects mixed in for good measure.

Swift Cholocate Build

The other best way to build Sea Fairy Cookie is a full set of Swift Chocolate Toppings. Instead of boosting Attack, these reduce Sea Fairy Cookie’s Cooldown and let her use her skill more often. Since her skill not only does damage but also stuns enemies and buffs your team’s Critical Damage, it’s a great game plan to have this happening as often as possible.

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Just like with the Searing Raspberry build, focus on Attack or Cooldown for the Bonus Effects on each Topping. Swift Chocolate Toppings with Cooldown Bonus Effects will let Sea Fairy Cookie act much faster than any other Cookies on your team, but padding her Attack stat with substats will make her a much more well-rounded unit.

Hybrid Build

To get the same effect as the above builds, you can mix and match Searing Raspberry and Swift Chocolate Toppings to maximize Sea Fairy Cookie’s Attack and keep her Cooldowns low. This way, you won’t have to rely on Bonus Effect substats to perfect the build. Any mixture of these Toppings will do, so just tweak the ratio until Sea Fairy Cookie feels the most useful for your team.

Since Sea Fairy Cookie is a Legendary Cookie, she’s already going to be a cut above the rest of the Epic Cookies in the game. No matter how you build her, she’s going to be one of the strongest Cookies that you can use on your team.

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