Best ship build to stop, board, and steal ships in Starfield

Best Ship Build To Steal Enemy Ships In Starfield
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Want to know the best ship build to make stopping, boarding, and stealing ships easy in¬†Starfield? Then you’re in the right place. First, you need to disable the ship and then you can board it and eventually steal it. Here’s how to do exactly that in Starfield.

Note: Before you can get to stealing ships in Starfield, read our guide to make sure you’re authorized to steal any ship in the game.

Best ship build to steal ships in Starfield

You can have any ship build you want to easily steal ships in Starfield, but the best ship build for stealing ships needs to have Electromagnetic weapons.

We’ll still be targeting engines to stop, board, and steal ships, and you can do that with Ballistic and Energy weapons, but the best way to successfully disable a ship non-lethally is with Electromagnetic weapons.

Where to buy EM ship weapons in Starfield

Much like how Electromagnetic weapons are the best non-lethal options your character can wield, your ship can be equipped with Electromagnetic weapons to make non-lethal attacks possible. Electromagnetic weapons make stopping a ship much easier because you’ll never run the risk of accidentally blowing it up.

For some reason, buying an EM weapon for your ship is very difficult in Starfield. I checked Neon, Akila City, New Atlantis, and the Red Mile and none of the vendors sell Electromagnetic ship weapons.

I found it hard to find EM ship weapons for sale, but there are plenty of ships you can buy that have EM ship weapons already attached to them. The Responder sold from the Neon ship technician has an EMP-80 Suppressor on it and the Ranger sold from the Akila City ship technician has an EMP-500 Suppressor. They are both only 72,000 credits (which you can easily afford after doing the infinite money glitch). To see if a ship has EM weapons, look at the ship systems in the top left and look for EM. Hover over it and you’ll see exactly what EM weapons the ship has equipped.

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Every EM weapon for your ship in Starfield

You should still have Ballistic and Energy weapons to take out enemy shields and weapons, but once those are down, use EM weapons to shut down their operating systems. Here are all the known EM weapons you can use on your ship:

  • EMP-500 Suppressor
  • Supaku 110GC Suppressor
  • Ravager 20MeV Auto Electron Beam
  • EMP-200 Suppressor
  • Nullifier 1750 Suppressor
  • Firebolt 4000 Suppressor
  • Fulminator 8000 Suppressor

Now that you have a ship with an EM weapon, use your best Energy weapons to take out the shields, your best Ballistic weapons to remove the weapons, and your Electromagnetic weapons to disable the engines. Get close to the ship to board it, take everyone on board out, and steal the ship.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our guide helping you steal ships without damaging them in the process. We also wish you luck on all of your future ship-stealing adventures. For more help in Starfield, PC Invasion has you covered.

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