Best ways to level up piloting in Starfield

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Piloting ships in Starfield is one of the greatest things that you can do. You don’t even have to outright fight other ships, you can be creative with what you do. Since Starfield is an open-world game, you can use the ship to negotiate, board, and intimidate other pilots. It’s a perfect extension of your character. You’ll spend tons of time like I do on your ship from adding on parts, or just making it more liveable. My favorite thing about the piloting aspect of the game is that it grows the more you do it. Meaning you can fight better and just do more with your ship all around. Knowing how to level up your piloting skill in Starfield is important, this guide will walk you through it.

Starfield: How to level up piloting

Maxing out this skill is crucial. If you can do it early on in Starfield, then your space engagements will be in your favor. There are a few ways to level up your piloting skill in the game. The most common and probably the longest way is to find and fight either the Crimson Fleet or other enemies like Spacers. They roam around randomly in the galaxies of Starfield. However, if you reach The Key space station, you can fight a handful of enemies this way. All varying with different levels.

Another and more consistent way is by trying out the Flight Simulator. While you have to do the first six levels, after that, it becomes a great way to farm points to level up. The good thing is if you do the UC faction mission early on in New Atlantis, you can quickly get your piloting skills up. A good reason why most players agree this method is the best is because you can do it whenever you want. Just head back to the Flight Simulator if you feel like honing your skills.

Starfield Piolting Skill Menue

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The importance of leveling up your piloting skill

Like many things in Starfield, the more you level up, the better those things become. Piloting is a great highlight of that. As you level up, you can do more complicated maneuvers like strafing. Which is when you slide to the left or right without losing speed. It becomes crucial during high-level space fights because dodging will make you hard to hit. On top of that, as you level up your piloting skill, you get access to class B and C ships which are not only strong but deadly. Having more options in your fleet is never a bad idea.

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