Beta Molyneux: Godus patch V1.2.1 has a number of fixes


“We’ve fixed that bit.”

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I may be the only regular member of the IncGamers staff not playing Godus at the moment. Tim and Paul definitely are, so there’ll no doubt be some impressions on this week’s podcast and maybe a more in-depth written piece coming up about the beta status of Peter Molyneux’s return to the ‘God’ genre.

The game is on Steam in beta form, which of course means there’ll be a semi-regular patching schedule until Godus reaches its ‘release’ version. 22cans has today issued the first of those patches, updating the game to V1.2.1. It should apply itself to your game on Steam automatically, but if it doesn’t try the old right-click Godus in your Steam list, properties, local files, verify game cache technique.

Here’s what the patch changes. It apparently gives your Followers an improved sense of gravity, if “Less tripping of Followers animation” is to be believed.

  • Followers will now build past 2000+ Followers
  • Multi-clicking on Gem bug removed
  • Multiple Steam profiles and saves now supported
  • Rubble takes fewer clicks to clear (2 instead of 5)
  • List of resolutions updated in options menu
  • Fixed 0x0 resolution bug
  • Removed debug editor option from F8
  • Raised limit on placement of settlements to 10
  • Fixed bug where settlements stop working after save/load
  • Speed of followers to Totem increased by 10%
  • Re-balanced the birth rate of rank 4-6 Abodes
  • Graphical improvements to the battle map screen
  • Shaders corrected on trees – beautify now more beautiful
  • Contours shadows added on Landscape
  • Abodes now only eject 1 follower at a time
  • Less tripping of Followers animation
  • Improved water surface
  • Improved follower terrain response
  • State of the Gem mine now saves
  • Rebalancing of Gems in the mine
  • Preparing the world for Bronze age farming
  • Various icon revisions
  • Various text updates
  • Various crash fixes

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