Fallout: New Vegas from Obsidian Entertainment was a generally beloved game for fans of the post-apocalyptic franchise. Despite being filled with more bugs than a Chinese cockroach farm, New Vegas struck a chord with gamers, offering them a chance to once more travel through radiated wastelands but in a brand new story. However, Todd Howard, director at Bethesda Game Studios, revealed the company has no further plans to allow another developer to make a new Fallout game any time soon.

Speaking to The Guardian, Howard said the thought of a third-party Fallout game isn’t completely out of the scope, but the likelihood of it happening again in the near future is slim. “I wouldn’t say never,” he said. “[But] now that our company is so big, it’s always better to keep stuff internal … it becomes less likely, but I could never say never. I thought the Obsidian guys did a fabulous job.”

Obsidian may have broken a few hearts back in May when it dashed some fans’ hopes and dreams that the recently revealed Fallout 76 wouldn’t be spearheaded by the studio. They told the truth in a short but bittersweet post on Twitter:

Bethesda has grown exponentially in the past several years, allowing it to cover multiple projects at once. The studio is currently working on the multiplayer-focused Fallout 76. It’s also working on releasing Starfield, the studio’s first new intellectual property in more than two decades. After that, we should expect more on the long-awaited sixth installment of The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Cameron Woolsey
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