Oh hey, Biomutant will also get a $400 Atomic Edition

Biomutant Atomic Edition Thq Nordic Game

Publisher THQ Nordic seems to have a fix for $400 USD collector editions for its games. Just moments ago, we reported that the Destroy All Humans! remake will receive a $400 Crypto-137 Edition. Now, some may defend that particular expenditure, as it does come with an alien backpack with conspicuously blue buttocks hanging out in the sight of god and all his graces. Apparently, the upcoming Biomutant will also receive two editions, and yes, one of which will set you back $399.99 USD. There is no backpack, much to the chagrin of all, but it will include a statue that does nothing noteworthy.

The Biomutant Atomic Edition will include more than the statue, of course. From the official blog post, it will also have the game (whew), a steelbook for said game, a T-shirt (available in large or extra large), an oversized mousepad measuring 80cm/31″ by 35cm/14″, artwork on fabric, a premium box, and the game’s soundtrack. The “high-scale diorama” measures at 60cm/23″ long, 25cm/10″ width, 30cm/12″ height.


No doubt those of you looking forward to the game are anxious to get the “high-detail diorama” nestled next to your Crypto backpack to attract eyes and collect dust. You can check out the Amazon page for the edition while pondering if your credit card can take just one more for the team.

Less for less

If you don’t have the kind of funds for Biomutant‘s Atomic Edition, you can try for the Collector’s Edition. It won’t take you back quite as much, coming in for $119.99 USD. It also comes with a smaller figurine, the game, artwork, premium box, and the soundtrack. THQ Nordic also has a trailer for the Collector’s Edition, which you can watch here.

Biomutant Collectors Edition Thq Nordic Game

Biomutant will be available on PC sometime in 2020.

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