Bladestorm: Nightmare does the Hundred Years’ War, Musou style

Bladestorm: Nightmare does the Hundred Years’ War, Musou style

I didn’t even know an Omega Force developed, Musou-esque spin on the Hundred Years’ War between England and France existed a few minutes ago, and now I know it’s coming to the PC. Koei Tecmo have confirmed Bladestorm: Nightmare will be on Steam this May.

Here’s word of that, via twitter:

According to my slightly dubious powers of research, Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War was released back in 2009. Nightmare is remake/”revamp-sequel” of sorts, reissuing the ‘Hundred Years’ War’ part and adding a second ‘Nightmare’ chapter where Joan of Arc is evil and commands an army of wizards and dragons.

Repeat: Joan of Arc will be in a Musou game commanding an army of wizards and dragons. This game will actually be on PC. What a time to be alive.

Bladestorm: Nightmare looks a bit different from the standard one-man-typhoon-army approach of Dynasty Warriors and other Omega Force titles. Instead, it seems as if you hop around between different battlefield units (led by a hero) and cause massive amounts of carnage that way.

I’ve gathered most of this from the following Japanese language video. After that, there’s an (English) one showing a bit of character creation and customisation.

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