Blast Through The Skies This Weekend In Drone Strike Force’s Open Beta

Blast through the skies this weekend in Drone Strike Force’s open beta

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This weekend, you’ll be able to test your flight skills in Drone Strike Force’s open beta. This upcoming multiplayer shooter is set for release on Aug. 16, and the studio has unveiled a new trailer to kick off this weekend’s beta. If you’re interested in participating, simply download the game demo from the Steam store page.

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This competitive multiplayer shooter takes a different approach. Instead of feet on the ground, it’s drones in the air. In the gameplay trailer, you can see as each of the drones quickly hover, strafe, and fly around to take down the enemy. This sort of gameplay, although fast, will require skill and teamwork to complete the mission. At launch, the game will offer one mode that includes capturing nodes and objectives in order to win the match.

The Early Access version features one map and nine drones to choose from. Players can customize the loadout of their drones with in-game currency. As Drone Strike Force leaves Early Access, the studio plans to bring more game maps and modes in the future.

I will certainly be participating in this beta. I’ve spent a fair amount of time on Rainbow Six Siege over the past couple of years. As it’s been my go-to PvP game, I know I can always rely on it. But lately, I’ve been hoping for something else to scratch that itch.

What appeals to me about Drone Strike Force is the speed. It reminds me of Unreal Tournament in some ways. Since Epic has moved all of its core developers from Unreal Tournament over to Fortnite and the Epic Games StoreI need some other fast-paced, futuristic shooter to hold me over. I hope that Drone Strike Force delivers that. There’s always room for new multiplayer games, especially ones that come from lesser-known studios.

Will you be playing the Drone Strike Force beta this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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