Bombshell reappears with new trailer and design

Bombshell reappears with new trailer and design

Word on Bombshell has been pretty quiet since a May 2014 reveal of the 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment project, but the game has re-emerged today with a new trailer.

Lead character Shelly Harrison looks like she’s been through a bit of a redesign process too, now looking less nu-metal and more cyborg marine. It’s a bit safer, to be honest, but also relies less on early 2000 nostalgia.

This latest trailer has a fair bit more gameplay in it as well. Bombshell is still a top-down action game (it has the traditional ARPG viewpoint, but looks a bit more explosion-focused rather than loot-based, overall,) so that aspect hasn’t changed.

The dialogue is as reassuringly cheesy as you’d expect for a game based around saving the US president from an apocalyptic alien threat. Bombshell is due on PC in 2015.

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