Borderlands 2 (6)

“Where’s our DLC? Rarrrrr!”

It’s 3 September today; the date on which the ‘Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2’ is supposed to be available for Borderlands 2. Unfortunately, it seems to be missing in action from Steam at the time of writing and the community is getting twitchy wondering where it is.

Oddly enough, it is available through Green Man Gaming. So I guess if you want to grab it from there instead, you can.

It’ll no doubt just be a matter of time before it pops up on Steam (tomorrow at the latest, I’d imagine,) so there shouldn’t be too much longer to wait for the level-cap boost to level 72. That is, if you think $5.00 USD is reasonable value for a cap boost, some extra skill points and some “rare Pearlescent-grade weapons.”

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