Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode Feature

On April 23, Borderlands 3‘s endgame Mayhem Mode will receive a significant “Mayhem 2.0” update. As it is, Mayhem Mode arrives after you finish the main story. It allows you to increase the game’s difficulty in exchange for more experience and better loot drops. With the new update, Gearbox aims to streamline the endgame and add some new content to boot.

Making life simpler

Players no longer need to visit Sanctuary III to access Mayhem Mode. Instead, they can do it from the ECHO Device menu. It’s a small quality-of-life improvement, but one that will go a long way for players who are tired of running to the pedestal. Hubs are cool and all, but it’s always nicer to just be able to access a different game mode from a menu.

Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode

Mayhem Mode

In addition, there are now more than 25 new modifiers for Mayhem Mode. Each modifier is categorized as Easy, Medium, Hard, or Very Hard. Those descriptions seem a bit vanilla for Borderlands, but hey, they get the point across. Some of the Easy modifiers include Big Kick Energy, which increases weapon damage at the cost of increased recoil and spread, and Galaxy Brain, which gives enemies gigantic heads so that you can land crits more easily.

Things start heating up with the Medium modifiers, though. One example is the new Floor is Lava modifier, which — you guessed it — causes lava to pool at your feet if you stand still. And if you want a real challenge, then you can select a Hard modifier like Drone Ranger, which sends out drones that heal your enemies. Overall, the modifiers seem like a great way to mix up the pace and gameplay. They should also add an extra challenge for those who’ve already done everything they can do in Borderlands 3.

10 stages

Modifiers are selected at random for each stage, and you get more difficult modifiers as you progress. It all culminates in Mayhem Level 10, which is no doubt extremely challenging. However, the loot grows better and better as your progress through Mayhem Mode. For a full breakdown of how the modifiers will apply to Mayhem Mode, check out the dev post.

You can pick up Borderlands 3 on Steam or the Epic Games Store for $59.99.

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