Borderlands 3 Anniversary

Borderlands 3‘s two-year anniversary is on the horizon, and Gearbox Software is celebrating with weeks of events. This chaotic first-person shooter’s four-week celebration will start on August 12, all the way up until September 16.

Borderlands 3 has gotten tons of new content over the years, including a roguelike-DLC and recently the Director’s Cut release. It’s hard to imagine what other surprises Gearbox Software can bring to the latest Borderlands game, but until September 13, we have tons of events to tide us over.


Shootin’ and lootin’

The two-year anniversary event kicks off with the fan-favorite “Loot the Universe.” If you aren’t familiar with the event, certain planets in the game become a “bastion of better drops.” Specific zones in certain planets have an increased chance of dropping legendary loot, which is yours to keep. Each zone has a legendary dedicated weapon type, meaning you can plan out whether or not you want a legendary pistol or sniper rifle. Each zone can also have a chance to drop a legendary gear type, like artifacts or shields.

Loot the Universe will last for four weeks until September 9. Each week will feature a different planet, as listed below:

  • Week 1 (August 12 to August 19) – Pandora
  • Week 2 (August 19 to August 26) – Promethea
  • Week 3 (August 26 to September 2) – Eden-6
  • Week 4 (September 2 to September 9) – Nekrotafeyo

After September 9, Gearbox Software will launch two new mini-events for the remaining week, ending the event on September 16. The first is “Mayhem Made Mild,” where players will encounter Easy modifiers in Mayhem Mode. Finally, in “Show Me the Eridium,” players will find increased Eridium drops and Eridium item discounts.

Borderlands 3‘s official anniversary is on September 13. The developers have promised “many more surprises” on that date, so keep an eye out for any announcements. Meanwhile, be sure to take advantage of these upcoming mini-events.

Borderlands 3 Arms Race 04

Borderlands 3’s anniversary events will begin on August 12.

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