That’s quite a collection of games you have there.

Here’s an idea: a cheap way to buy Mark of the Ninja, Brutal Legend, Trine 2 and whatever Eets Munchies (beta) is. Maybe we could call it “The Respectful Indie Package” and give people the option to split their payments between developers, some charities and the people hosting the whole project? Oh wait! Humble Bundle have already done all of that.

Yes, you can get the games listed above for paying aaaany price you want (though more than $1.00 USD is required to get Steam keys and also to alleviate your conscience.) If you beat the average price, which is about $4.20 (smoke dollars every day) at present, then you get the excellent FTL and Phil Fish drama project Fez too. “Other games” are promised to be added at a later date, too.

There’s a slight rule change here: previously you’d get the extra games as long as you bought the Bundle in the first week. Now, you have to make sure that you paid above the average price at the time of purchase to get the bonus games. Not too unreasonable, really.

Now here’s that guy who voices all the Humble Bundle videos to convince why all of this is a good idea.

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