Critical Hit: Fez

Wow, apparently Fez took way too long to come out. It was in development for, what, 5 years? It got entry into multiple indie games festivals and was honored in a few of them, even. It should be a big deal.

It’s not that big of a deal. Fez is a good game, a few times skirting on greatness. That’s about it.

I actually didn’t follow Fez at all before release, and wasn’t even planing on getting it, but was half-obliged to review it. I only heard stuff about it a few times (“didn’t Fez win some indie festival something last year?”), though mostly because of the controversy of Phil Fish’s statement about Japanese games in general (regardless of the position you take, you can’t deny that his statement was about as subtle as an alien abduction and subsequent probing).

Now, I’ve played Fez about as much as I plan to (I’ll go back in just to check a couple more areas with potentially easy secrets), and I don’t feel a bit more fulfilled than before.

Fez is only a good game.

Fez Town 
There’s the meaningless Town from the beginning of the game.


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