Multiversus Taz Tornado Attack Nerf

MultiVersus is finally available for players to try out. The free-to-play fighting game has been in open beta since July 19. In that time, MultiVersus has already received plenty of changes. New patch notes delve into buffs, nerfs, and changes for some characters. The list of changes in MultiVersus isn’t huge, but it does offer some big balancing improvements, which includes a nerf for Taz.

Before we get into the depths of the patch notes, let’s cover the smaller changes to the game first. To start off, LeBron James is officially playable in the game from today. The free character rotation has also been changed to feature Finn, Garnet, Superman, and Reindog. Then there’s the Open Beta Welcome Event, which increases the gold earned from matches by 25%. These will be in place until August 8.


Taz has finally been nerfed

If you’ve been playing since last week, you’ll know that Taz has dominated the game. His side special, the tornado, was just a bit too powerful in most casual matches. MultiVersus developer, Player First Games, has addressed this by nerfing Taz and providing insight for further upcoming changes. The tornado’s duration has been reduced, one of its multi-hits has been removed, and the knockback on the final hit is decreased. In an upcoming patch, the tornado will transition to a cooldown move to force players to use it more skillfully. The developer has insisted that the tornado is Taz’s signature move, and so it’ll still be one of his “most powerful attacks.”

Multiversus Taz Nerf Bugs Bunny

Beyond that, other changes have been made to five more characters. Batman’s cooldown on his Batarang has been increased from 13 to 14 seconds, and his grapple shouldn’t launch him off the map anymore. Bugs Bunny’s air up attack’s startup increased by two frames and its active window decreased by two frames. The Iron Giant’s changes targeted his ability to repeatedly hit opponents. Its air down, air/ground down special, and its air up attack have all been nerfed to make it easier to fight against. Steven Universe’s air neutral now knocks opponents further away to prevent an exploit that resulted in an infinite combo. Finally, Velma’s weight is now 63 instead of 70. Previously, Velma was one of the heaviest characters in the game, which didn’t really make sense. That’s about it for the changes, with most of them toning down the unintended aspects of the game.

Big balancing changes across the board

Most of the changes in this patch seek to better balance some of the roster. With how much some of these characters have dominated casual matches, it seems pretty fair. Be sure to check out the patch notes yourself to get all the details. We can expect to see more patches soon to further address issues in MultiVersus. All in all, MultiVersus is shaping up to be a solid fighting game. Hopefully, with a few more patches, we can see more balance across the board.

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