The Focus Home Interactive-published psychological thriller, Call of Cthulhu, is coming to PC on October 30. The launch date — just one day before Halloween — has to be intentional. Everything about the Lovecraftian horror game looks terrifying.

    Call of Cthulhu tasks players with navigating a world where bizarre science and mysterious cults intersect with unfathomable gods and conspiracies. The narrative-driven game is an official adaptation of Chaosium’s pen and paper RPG that uses the writings of H.P. Lovecraft to create unsettling, reality-altering scenarios for players.

    In addition to the release date announcement, four new Call of Cthulhu screenshots were released. Check them out in the gallery below.


    Ray Porreca
    Ray Porreca is a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. His work has appeared in Vice, Playboy, and Destructoid.

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