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Best LMG in Call of Duty: Mobile

Light 'em up with the LMG!

Call of Duty: Mobile’s LMG is perfect for those who like to play aggressively but don’t enjoy the dirty, and often stressful work of precise firing and careful aiming. Still, there are a lot of choose from. That’s why I’ve pinpointed the one LMG you should pick.

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Which Call of Duty: Mobile LMG is the best to pick?

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The best LMG (Light Machine Gun) currently available in Call of Duty: Mobile is the M4LMG, a heavy damage-dealer that packs a massive punch and can easily punish groups of enemies who are too close together. In fact, the M4LMG actually deals the most damage out of all the other weapons considered to be Light Machine Guns in the game, meaning it is truly the king of the battlefield when it comes to yielding high damage.

The LMG favored by many professional CoD around the world also boasts high accuracy and range. You’ll be able to lay down round after round of suppressive fire from a distance, although the one drawback is that the gun has low mobility. Here’s the full stats list for this gun, which clearly shows why it’s the best choice for an LMG in Call of Duty: Mobile.

  • Damage stat – 46 points.
  • Fire Rate stat – 63 points.
  • Accuracy stat – 61 points.
  • Mobility stat – 44 points.
  • Range stat – 64 points.
  • Controls stat – 59 points.

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