CD Projekt Red developing two other Cyberpunk 2077 projects

Last year, we reported on CD Projekt’s partnership with multiplayer studio Digital Scapes. The press release specifically mentioned that Digital Scapes would work with CD Projekt Red on “creating and optimizing technological solutions for use in the development of Cyberpunk 2077.” So it’s not surprising that CD Projekt Red has two other Cyberpunk 2077 projects in development, according to Polish news outlet Bankier (via Game Informer and Twitter user @Nibellion).

One of these projects is a multiplayer standalone spin-off based on the single player blockbuster. According to the Polish outlet, the development team is in the Wrocław office. The other project is another single player title in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, and it should release by 2021. Details on this title are very scant. CD Projekt President Adam Kiciński previously said in an investor conference that their next title won’t be as massive as Cyberpunk 2077, though it will be an innovative AAA title.

Cyberpunk 2077: battle royale or co-op?

There has been no confirmation on what kind of gameplay genre players can expect. Some players and outlets are betting on a battle royale standalone mode for the multiplayer spin-off. It’s not entirely unlikely, considering the immense popularity of battle royale games and modes. However, CD Projekt Red’s only experience with multiplayer games is the spin-off card game from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It’s Gwent, which is a one-on-one PvP card game with no action gameplay. The leap from a strategy game to an intense and rapid battle royale game would take a lot of work.

Personally, I would rather play a co-op game set in Cyberpunk 2077 myself. It would also be very challenging to set up, but it’s not impossible. It just seems to suit the setting much more than yet another battle royale game, whose appeal tends to wear out quickly.

What are your thoughts on all these projects by CD Projekt Red? Are you hoping for a battle royale standalone, or something else? Leave us your comments and tell us your views.

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