How to communicate with other players in Mythforce

Mythforce Communicate Message Wheel
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When playing a team-based multiplayer game, communication with other players is essential. If you don’t have a good way to inform players about certain strategies or oncoming threats in the heat of gameplay, you might not get very far. This certainly holds true for Mythforce, the newly released rogue-lite dungeon crawler that places cooperative play at the forefront. But while Mythforce does include a feature that lets you communicate with your teammates, figuring out how to activate it might prove confusing at first. So what do you have to do to make sure other players are on the same page as you?

What to do to communicate in Mythforce

At any time when playing a level in Mythforce, you can press and hold the Tab key on your keyboard or click down the right stick on your controller to open up a select wheel containing several different message options. To select a message, you first need to either hover over the option you want with your mouse or point the right stick toward it. Then, simply let go of the Tab key or depress the right stick to have your character say your chosen message.

Alongside these straightforward messages, you can purchase emotes and more involved voice lines from the Boutique on the main menu for you to equip and bring into a play session. While you have the message select wheel open, hit the left or right mouse buttons or the left and right bumpers on your controller to move to the emote and voice line menus so you choose one. Additionally, if you briefly press the Tab key or the right stick instead of holding them down, you can place a waypoint marker in front of you to indicate points of interest to other players.

Does Mythforce have text or voice chat?

Unfortunately, if you were hoping for more in-game options to communicate with players in Mythforce, you won’t find them. Currently, Mythforce doesn’t sport any in-game text or voice chat options. So those wanting to use those features will need to resort to external means.

Mythforce Communicate Waypoint Marker

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