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Construction Simulator offers two different maps to build your fledgling empire upon. You can choose to tackle either one at any given time, but is there a truly best choice? While it’s true that each of these maps have their own unique visual characteristics and clients to work with, the way the sim has been engineered, what map you should start on in Construction Simulator really only comes down to preference.

We’ll go over things to consider before getting to work.


Construction Simulator guide: What map should you start on?

Pick your project

Each of the maps in Construction Simulator have four different major clients with a variety of missions to tackle. These special campaign missions will task you with building a new major part of the map. For instance, on the American map, one of the missions has you build a college. Meanwhile, the Euro map has a mission that requires you to construct a Wind Power Plant.

Each of the major clients are responsible for specific parts of the city — their selection of missions will follow with that theme. You can select a mission from any of these clients at any given time, with the only stipulation being that you have to complete the jobs in their selection in order. So, the first mission, then the second, etc. None of the clients have jobs that are inherently more difficult than the others; the jobs simply grow in complexity the further into each client’s campaign you go.

Construction Simulator Pc American Campaigns (copy)

The selection of campaign missions from the American map.

Across both maps, this all culminates in one final big mission that has you taking on a super contract. Considering the immense amount of time each single campaign job takes, getting to this final mission will come after several hours.

Choose your adventure

All things considered, there really isn’t much mechanical differences across each map. You’ll be using the same equipment across both maps, and performing much of the same job types.

Unlike in other sims like Farming Simulator 22 that has maps that are oriented for specific kinds of farming, the two maps here in Construction Simulator feel more like two sides of the same coin. The American map is simply an urban sprawl in the desert, and the European map is a picturesque city surrounded by foliage.

Construction Simulator Pc 2022 (5)

So, the choice is truly up to you as to which you want to tackle first. For myself, I opted to play them both concurrently. True, this was done so I can hone in the experience for the initial review, but it’s a little refreshing to swap from one map to the other to tackle different projects. Considering that whatever you build becomes a permanent fixture on the map, it’s gratifying to see the city expand thanks to your efforts.

Stay tuned for more tips on Construction Simulator.

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