In today's contest you can win three months of beta access to Dual Universe!

Contest: Win three months of beta access to Dual Universe

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In today’s contest you can win three months of beta access to Dual Universe!

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You know what sucks about our universe? Everything! With all the political bickering, rampant viruses, and overall sucktitude of this joint, wouldn’t you like to just start over?

Well, you can try in Dual Universe. This unique world-building MMO is in its beta period, so we’re giving away keys to get you into the action.

Dual Universe

Scope some deets on this one:

Dual Universe is a sci-fi MMORPG that takes place in a continuous, single-shared world. Players can freely modify the world by creating structures, spaceships, and even orbital stations, giving birth to empires and civilizations. It features a player-driven economy, politics, trade, and warfare.

  • SINGLE-SERVER TECHNOLOGY SPACE MMO – No loading, no server instantiation, no tricks. All players share the same persistent universe, at the same time. Dual Universe is the first Metaverse: a common, shared virtual world, controlled by the players.
  • BUILD ALMOST ANYTHING – Voxel-based, fully editable universe. Create entire cities, giant space stations, massive warships, underground bunkers or…flying cars!
  • PLAYER-CONTROLLED ECONOMY – Mine. Craft. Build and optimize production factories. Then barter or trade your creations, or those from others. A shared universe means a single, global economy – run by players.
  • SPACE WARFARE – From pirate raids to skirmishes to coordinated attacks: space is a dangerous place. With real-time destruction, battleship crews and player-designed ships, this is PvP like no other. Don’t want PvP? Stick to Safe zones and you’ll be fine.
  • NO CHARACTER CLASS, NO PREDETERMINED ROLE – The role you play in the shared universe only depends on your actions and your choices. Be a space pirate. A galactic trader. A cargo hauler. An interstellar industrialist. And everything in-between.

I want to be a hot dog vendor…IN SPACE!

How To Win

To enter to win a key, use the widget below. Enter daily for bonus entries, and click around for ways to improve your odds.

We have 20 keys across the EG network to give away, granting players three months of beta access. We’ll draw winners next Wednesday.

Dual Universe is in its beta phase, and can be played now at the game’s official site.

Contest: Win three months of beta access to Dual Universe

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