Control getting more graphics options soon, possible DLC later

Control graphics options dlc

Control has been out for about a week, but discussions of its future are already underway. One such update is already around the corner. However, the other one is looking a bit hazy. We know for sure that Control will soon include even more graphics options, as revealed by developer Remedy. But it also looks like the game could have some DLC coming its way.

Remedy posted an update to the game’s official site regarding a graphics update. Control is one of the more gorgeous games out this year, a technical showcase for how good RTX graphics can look. But the game can be demanding, even bogging down high-end machines with RTX enabled graphics cards.

According to the update, users will soon have more options to tweak the look of the game. Remedy is adding a toggle option to turn off (or on) both the motion blur and film grain. Honestly, I can’t get my head around why developers still insist on adding motion blur in their games. That “cinematic” (yuck) feature is almost never worth the drop in 20 or more frames. Remedy also noted that some players have issues Control‘s in-game map. Well, never fear, because that’s getting updated too.

“Our developers are working to improve how the in-game map loads to ensure that all the relevant info displays immediately and correctly, as it should,” Remedy wrote in its update. “We’ll provide more info on this very soon.”

Despite the upcoming changes, Remedy isn’t planning on adding HDR options. The developer writes that the decision not to include HDR happened early in its life cycle. Remedy decided to not devote extra time and resources for the option, and instead focus on the game itself. For post-launch updates, Remedy will instead include content such as a Photo Mode, which it plans on releasing for free.

control graphics options dlc

It sure is pretty, but a bit taxing.

The show must go on

The graphics updates will be available around mid-September, but what’s happening after? Many are speculating that Remedy has some DLC up its sleeve for Control. The evidence for future story content was found by a YouTuber, who noticed some interesting while messing around with the game’s debugging tools.

In the video, user Manfightdragon discovered a drop-down menu showing a mission with an eye-catching name. It is named St01_MM_04_Marshall_START_Plus_PS4_SM15_Dlc. Obviously, the most noteworthy take is the “Dlc” portion at the end of the name. The name Marshall is most likely the in-game character Helen Marshall, who has an important role in Control. Also, considering that Control had (light spoiler) a bit of an open ending, additional story content is hardly a logical stretch.

There is plenty coming soon for Control. We’re certainly hoping there may be some merit to the possible DLC. If you’re looking for more Control, check out our official review (we liked it!) and tech review.

[Cheers, PC Gamer for the DLC catch]

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