Redfall Campaign Characters

Cooperative campaign progress is tied to the host in Redfall

The game will still save your experience and loot.
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Redfall is Arkane Studios’ upcoming open-world RPG. But unlike past games from the studio, Redfall has a strong focus on cooperative multiplayer with friends. However, friends looking to slay vampires together in Redfall should know that campaign progress will only save for the host.

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This means you’ll have to replay any missions you complete in a friend’s campaign once you return to your own playthrough. That may sound a little annoying, but the silver lining is that the experience and loot you obtained while playing in cooperative multiplayer will save.


In an interview with IGN, game director Harvey Smith said that the studio had been thinking about this issue for a while. According to Smith, allowing players to save campaign progress in cooperative play may lead to a disjointed single-player experience. He explains, “The story would be very confusing if you got to mission eight and it said, ‘Skip this one because you’ve already done it.’” In the same interview, Smith also revealed another important point. Once players start a campaign, they are bound to their chosen characters for the rest of the game.

Redfall has potential

Redfall was initially revealed as part of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase in 2021. Last weekend’s Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase gave us a first extended look at campaign gameplay for Redfall, and it shows a lot of potential.

The small town of Redfall, Massachusetts has become infested with the threat of vampires and cultists. It’s up to players to take on the role of four main playable characters and fight back against the bloodsuckers. Each character appears to have unique abilities and gadgets tied to them, and a range of weapons and stealth tactics adds an appreciable layer of depth to combat.

Redfall is set to release on PC and PC Game Pass as a day one title in 2023.

Redfall Campaign Coop

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