Some of the more …’cultural’… among you may already know of Jessica Nigri, the 21 year-old New Zealander with more than a passing interest in the world of videogame dress-up. 
    Her outfits are rather wonderful, not least because she seems obsessed with recreating Juliet Starling – the cheerleader protagonist of one of my most anticipated games of the year, Lollipop Chainsaw
    Here are a few recent examples of Jessica’s work, in which she cosplays the likes of Skyrim, Pikachu, Gears of War and Lollipop Chainsaw.
    Don’t stare at them for too long, it’s a Monday and there’s work to do!
    PS. The two guys with Jessica in the bottom image are Suda 51 (director, Lollipop Chainsaw) and James Gunn (writer, Lollipop Chainsaw).
    Source: JessicaNigri.com

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