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Familiars are elite monsters you’ll encounter throughout your journey in Crown Trick. They’ll provide you with many spells, skills, abilities, and upgrades as you progress. Here’s our familiars guide to help you out.

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Crown Trick: Familiar guide – The best monster skills and spells

You’ll battle familiars in Crown Trick‘s dungeon floors. Like the other bosses in the game, familiars also have an HP threshold (symbolized by a diamond on their health bar). If you whittle down their health to these thresholds, you’ll restore your character’s MP and Blink charges.

Anyway, once you’ve defeated a familiar for the first time, it’ll become part of your selection pool, although you can still encounter it as an elite enemy later.

Crn Tr Fam Sk 1

Here’s the gist when it comes to selecting familiars in Crown Trick:

  • You can only have two familiars equipped.
  • The crystal you interact with inside the room with the familiar will only let you equip the monster that you just defeated.
  • The crystal you spot in the initial room of each fresh run — or a dungeon room with only the crystal and no hostiles — lets you choose from three familiars. The ones that are available are random and are dependent on the ones you’ve previously defeated and unlocked.

Crn Tr Fam Sk 2a

What this means is that you could find yourself restarting your runs fairly often. As mentioned in our official review, this was one of the more tedious aspects of Crown Trick. If I couldn’t find an ideal weapon type or a familiar that I preferred, it led me to restart. In my opinion, some options are just more viable than others.

In any case, let’s delve into the rest of the mechanics concerning Crown Trick‘s familiars. Click on the page below for the content that you need help with:

Crn Tr Fam Sk 2

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