Crown Trick Guides And Features Hub

Crown Trick is a turn-based rogue-lite game that will take you to multiple dungeon floors and chambers filled with enemies and secrets. You’ll have to rely on whatever the game (and the RNG gods) throw your way if you want to help Elle succeed.

Will you be able to mix and match the weapons, familiars, and relics that you find? Or will you succumb to countless foes in the Dreamrealm? Here’s our guides and features hub to help you out.


Crown Trick: Guides and features hub

Official review – It’s going to be a long and arduous task to have Elle triumph over the evil forces in the Dreamrealm. But, is it worth your while? Let’s find out in our official review.

Beginner’s guide – You’re going to die and fail often in Crown Trick. But, here’s our beginner’s guide with several tips to help you survive.

How to get more gold and soul shards – You need a lot of gold and soul shards. The former is so you can buy more items. The latter, meanwhile, is for your upgrades.

How to access the Black Market – The Black Market vendor sells a ton of high-quality wares, but you’ll seldomly encounter it on your travels.

Weapons guide – Crown Trick has several weapons with various effects and capabilities. Which weapon types are the best, and how do you exactly boost them? Here’s our weapons guide to help you with these mechanics.

Hall of Reincarnation character upgrades – Death is only the beginning, and each failed run spawns you back in your HQ in the Dreamrealm. Here, you can unlock numerous upgrades to help with progression.

Familiars and skills guide – Familiars are elite monsters that you need to defeat in Crown Trick. Once you’ve done that, you can use their skills and abilities to help you out in battle. Some combinations are quite amazing too.

Relics and items – There are some ideal combinations and picks whenever you’re starting your dungeon run, and your relics and items play a pivotal role.

Boss guides – There are several bosses that await you on each dungeon floor.

Note: We’ll continue updating our Crown Trick guides and features hub down the line. Stay tuned for more updates.

Crown Trick is available via Steam.

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