Cult of the Lamb: Farming guide — Planting seeds and harvesting crops

Cult Of The Lamb Farming Guide Seeds

It’s one thing to pick up random stuff that might be edible in Cult of the Lamb. Still, it’s better if your hub has a sustainable source of food. Here’s our Cult of the Lamb farming guide to help you plant seeds, harvest crops, and use buildings that let your followers do the work for you.

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Cult of the Lamb farming guide – Seeds, harvesting crops, and managing followers

Getting seeds in Cult of the Lamb

Early on in Cult of the Lamb, you’ll only have grass and berries as cooking ingredients. These won’t be enough to alleviate hunger, so you might as well start looking for more. Apart from berries, you’ll also want to grab Camellia Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Beetroot Seeds, Cauliflower Seeds, Menticide Mushroom, and others. There are a couple of sources for these items:

  • Regular dungeon exploration – Camellia and Menticide Mushroom can be found in Darkwood and Anura respectively. They look fairly distinct from regular objects in those zones.
  • Specific dungeon rooms – If you see vegetable icons in dungeon rooms, those tend to have ingredients that can be harvested.
  • Miniboss drops – After defeating a boss, some items will pop up. You can then choose particular seeds as a reward.
  • Rakshasa NPC – An NPC named Rakshasa will set up shop to the right of the dungeon entrance area in your hub. You can then purchase seeds using gold.

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Hub building options for farming in Cult of the Lamb

To get started with farming in Cult of the Lamb, you’ll need to plop down a Farm Plot (a Tier 1 building option). Each tile lets you plant a seed. You can then can water these and add fertilizer. The crops can then be harvested after a couple of in-game days pass.

Cult Of The Lamb Farming Guide Seeds 1

Later on, you might want to consider these options, too:

  • Farming Bundle – There are two structures here:
    • Farmer Station – Allows you to assign a follower to manage the crops within its area-of-effect.
    • Seed Silo – Place the seeds here and followers will automatically plant them in plots.
  • Farmer Station II – A mid-game upgrade that also lets followers harvest the crops so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Note: Make sure that you talk to your followers and choose the “Work” command. As long as they’re assigned to harvesting/farming duties, they’ll do these tasks.

Cult Of The Lamb Farming Guide Seeds 2

There are also others that aren’t mandatory, though they still support the farming process:

  • Harvest Totem/Devotion Harvest Totem – Speeds up the growth of your crops.
  • Fertilizer Silo – Dump poop in here and followers will automatically use it as fertilizer.
  • Compost – Drop grass here so followers can use it as fertilizer.
  • Scarecrow/Trap Scarecrow – Not particularly important, but they do make birds fly away instead of stealing your seeds.

Last but not least, there’s the Ritual of the Harvest (available as an option if you choose the Sustenance Doctrine for the third time). It causes all plants to be ready for harvest, perfect when you’ve just planted a lot of stuff and need the food.

Cult Of The Lamb Farming Guide Seeds 3

Cult of the Lamb is available via Steam.

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