Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest Repair Damaged Telescope.

Fortnite Season 6 is coming to an end and you may be looking to earn some XP to complete your battle pass. Thankfully, Epic Games has introduced some new challenges to complete known as the Foreshadowing Quests. Already, these challenges have tasked players with investigating a downed helicopter in Fortnite. Now, a Foreshadowing Quest asks you to repair damaged telescopes which are dotted around the Fortnite map.

Although there are seven damaged telescopes, you only need to repair five to complete the challenge. Additionally, repairing them will cost 20 metal each time, so you need to have enough of this material. This makes the Team Rumble playlist an ideal way to complete the challenge, as you will begin each match with 150 metal.


Repairing damaged telescopes to complete the Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest

To begin, you can find a telescope that is waiting to be repaired on the snowy mountain which looks over Retail Row. The telescope sits at the very top of the mountain that is to the southeast of the point of interest. The next is east of the Weather Station, which you will find to the bottom right of the map. You will find a telescope on the cliff face next to a wooden sign, overlooking the sea. Next, you can find another damaged telescope on the peak of the mountain that is just to the west of Misty Meadows.

If you make your way just to the east of Craggy Cliffs, you will find another on the hill with the radio station on the top. To the northwest of Dirty Docks and the northeast of Colossal Crops, there is a hill with another damaged telescope on top.

Another area you can find a telescope that needs to be repaired is near Lockie’s Lighthouse. Going south down the coast will lead you to the telescope at the bottom of the hill that leads to the lighthouse itself. Finally, the last telescope location is on a hill to the west of Sweaty Sands and the northwest of Holly Hedges. It is on the edge of the hill overlooking the sea on the very left hand side of the map.

For repairing the damaged telescopes and completing the Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest, you will earn 24,000 XP. For more Fortnite Quest guides, check out our guides and features hub.

Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest Repair Damaged Telescope

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