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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Primal: Guides and features hub

Only those who evolve will survive.

Last season’s bounty hunting theme was pretty wild, but Epic Games added even more madness to Fortnite for Season 6. More than a few of the previous season’s mechanics like gold bars, bounty hunting, and NPC vendors are still in the game. Yet now we can encounter and tame animals and even craft weapons with specific stats. The island itself has received plenty of changes as well, with new points of interest, remixes of a few other popular past locations, and some strange new spire towers that can propel players across the map. Epic Games calls Fortnite Season 6 a Primal affair for good reason, and our compiled guides and content features list will help you navigate all of the new things there are to do and see this time around.

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If it’s been a minute since you last played Fortnite, we recommend you start off by reading through the Zero Point Crisis Finale event recap so you can get a good idea of what last happened. You’ll also get a quick preview of all the major changes implemented in Fortnite for Season 6 Primal. Once done, you can jump into our articles covering various features and the weekly challenges. Following our guides will not only save you a lot of time, but also send your battle pass XP soaring to new heights. You’ll have all of the higher tier rewards in no time.


This list will also continue to grow throughout the season, so check back regularly for more features and guides for weekly challenges and secret content. Here’s the battle pass trailer below in case you’re wondering what the rewards look like this season.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 — Guides and features hub

Zero Point Crisis Finale event recap and all of the Season 6 Primal changes – What happens when reality begins to shatter? Heroes have to save the day, dimensions cross over, technology gets EMP’d, and new content enters into existence. The world is very different now. Here’s an intro to all of the changes to expect.

The best landing spots in Fortnite for Chapter 2 Season 6 – Get a strong start in each match by landing at these locations. Some are classic, proven points of interest, but there are also some new hot spots to consider.

Everything we know about dinosaurs coming to Fortnite [Updated] – Epic had its fun teasing the arrival of dinosaurs in Fortnite for months. Check out all the clues the developers laid, including the dino eggs. And while raptors are now in the game, it may just be the beginning of greater things to come.

How to turn into a prop for some good trolling – Longtime players should remember this fun mechanic from times past. Now you can turn into a prop in the normal battle royale gametypes. Here’s how to become a sneak king/queen or master troller.

This chicken trick allows you to fly across the map – Learn to fly with the help of a feathery friend and a little propulsion. This trick can save you some time, and it might just save you from storm too.

Learn how to tame wild animals – Things have grown a lot more wild this season, but you can get things under control with the right tricks. Taming animals is also useful for adding allies on the battlefield. Different animals require different methods to tame though.

Now try and tame some raptors – The process is similar to other animals, but these predators will quickly kill you if you don’t take your animal training seriously.

How to craft the Hunter’s Cloak – If you’d like to make it easier on yourself while exploring the wilds, learn how to craft this cloak. Animals will ignore you when wearing it. You can even use it to make taming easier.

Fortnite launches Croft Manor in Creative mode, plus a free spray – The Tombraider is a headlining cosmetic which players can earn in this season’s battle pass. If you’d like a little more lore though, you can explore her iconic mansion in a custom game.

How to find and complete bounties – The previous season introduced a bounty hunting mechanic. If you’re about to jump back into the game for the first time in a while, check out this guide. The basic rules and mechanics still apply.

Every way to earn gold bars and how to spend them – Once you have a grasp on the different activities you can do in the latest season, it’s best to learn about the reward currency also available. Just like bounties, gold bars were introduced in the previous season. Most of the rules haven’t changed. Give this guide a look to optimize your collection speeds, as you can use gold bars to buy things like exotic weapons, health items, weapon upgrades, and more from NPCs.

How to get the Unstable Bow exotic weapon – Shoot anything and everything at opponents. This bow will cause random variant damage with each pull of the string.

How to unlock the gold Lara Croft skin – Visiting a remote temple and stealing a forbidden item with curse Lara and turn everything she touches to gold. Learn how to get this unique skin.

How to get the Marksman Six Shooter exotic weapon – Get your hands on a revolver that does extra headshot damage and drop those bandits with some slick shooting.

How to get the Grappler Bow exotic weapon – Soar to new heights with the fan-favorite mechanic that now comes attached to a bow rather than the plunger-equipped Grappler Gun. There are no surprises as to who offers it either.

Don’t miss out on these super leveling skins – Tarana, Raz, and the Spire Guardian skins all have secret styles you can unlock above level 100. Check out these gold, runic, and chromium appearances you can mix and match.

UFOs arrive and begin abducting players – Because, aliens. Learn how to get abducted and what happens when you do.

Fortnite Gameplay Ultra 2

Spire Quests and weekly challenge walkthroughs

Where to find golden artifacts for the weekly challenge – Explore this new location and collect the trinkets for an easy boost of 24,000 XP.

How to get mechanical parts to complete the weekly challenge – Metal parts are invaluable to the process of crafting better weapons this season. Consider this quest an introduction on where to find the components for mechanical weapons. You’ll also receive 24,000 XP for doing so.

Where to find the anomaly on Shark Island – Mysterious energies are once again raising questions. Explore the disturbance on this island and get the Jump 23 skin as a reward.

Where to find Tarana and how to complete her artifacts Quest – Check out the Colossal Crops location and meet the dino-themed Tarana character. She has a quest for you. You’ll want to help her out since there’s 60,000 XP on offer for completing the task.

Where to locate the thief to complete the challenge –  Raz is a good guy, don’t you listen to Tarana. He’ll offer you an easy little quest worth 52,500 XP. It’s hard to argue with that.

Where to find literature samples – Don’t read into this one too much. You just need to collect a few items from different locations for a quick 22,000 XP. There’s nothing novel about this challenge.

How to play the message at a Guardian Outpost – This guide will show you how to save some time with completing one of the Spire Quests that are much like the standard weekly challenges in Fortnite. You’ll only earn 15,000 XP for this quest, but it’s a quick one you can do while completing others.

Where to speak to different Jonesy NPC variants – Double dip on XP in this two part challenge that requires you to find the different Jonesy NPCs around the map before defeating the original default skin in a dual. Seriously, this is an easy 90,000 XP.

Where to find the cult artifact to complete the Spire Quest – This guide will show you exactly where to go and what to get for a quick 30,000 XP.

Where to collect a cult talisman to complete the Fortnite Spire Quest – In another example of Fortnite’s never-ending item collection obsession, you need to find and collect this item as well. This guide makes it easy for you. And for 30,000 XP, it’s worth it.

How to gather information on Raz – Track this troublemaker to get 30,000 XP.

How to defeat Glyph Master Raz – As one of the most powerful NPCs in the game, you’ll want to form a strategy before taking on this lighting-wielding boss. You’ll receive an exotic weapon, the Glyph Master Raz skin, and 90,000 XP for beating him though.

How to gather intel on wildlife – Interact with some NPCs that are themed after animals to get 24,000 XP.

How to activate a rift – Complete this challenge in a flash by visiting the right NPC to earn 24,000 XP and get a redeploy in the process.

Where to find research books at Holly Hedges and Retail Row – We did the research so you don’t have to. Here are all eight locations to help you secure the 24,000 XP reward.

How to do the locations challenge at Fancy View, Rainbow Rentals, and Lockie’s Lighthouse – Visit these lesser-known locations for a fun little adventure and get 24,000 XP for doing so.

Where to investigate the downed black helicopter – Inspect the mysterious crashed IO helicopter and get an easy 24,000 XP.

How to build and destroy sand castles – One challenge requires to create and then destroy. Become the beach architect and earn 24,000 XP.

Where to find damaged telescopes and how to repair them – Something strange is happening in the skies. Get the telescopes back up and working and earn 24,000 XP in the process.

Where to place a spirit crystal – Raven wants you to help her align some chakras or something along those lines. Place a spirit crystal at this location for 24,000 XP.

Where to raid artifacts at Stealthy Stronghold and Coral Castle – Get into the spirit of the Tombraider and claim these cool statues. It’s an easy 24,000 XP and a quick challenge to complete.

Where to destroy spooky TV sets – Countdown timers appear on the screens accompanied by alien glyphs. Here’s where to find and destroy these ill omens. 24,000 XP is up for grabs.

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