Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Game Pass

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is releasing soon and will be available at launch for all those subscribed to Xbox Game Pass on PC. In today’s news release, Jeff Hattem, head of studio and creative director at Tuque Games, announced that Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will be available via Xbox Game Pass on day one. Dark Alliance brings an interesting take on Dungeons & Dragons filled with RPG action and real-time co-op combat.

Dark Alliance allows you to choose between four heroes, each with their own moves and special abilities. Catti-brie is an agile hero capable of taking out her enemies from long range with a bow and arrow, while Drizzt is perfect for rapid strikes and executions. Group up with friends and experience 4-player co-op as you explore the arctic tundra of the Forgotten Realms known as Icewind Dale. The environment is unforgiving and inhabited by over 30 unique monsters including the mystical Frost Giants and White Dragons. There will also be cross-play support for PC and Xbox players who would like to team up and slay these creatures together.


Similar yet different.

Although it’s still a Dungeons & Dragons game, Dark Alliance will release as a third-person brawler with a focus on real-time combat.  That being said, Dark Alliance will still be staying true to its roots by including abilities and intricate progression systems as core aspects of the game.Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Game Pass

If Game Pass isn’t your thing, Dark Alliance will also be available for purchase on PC via Steam without the need for a subscription. The dev team is also excited to show more gameplay and will be streaming Dark Alliance every Friday until launch starting tomorrow, May 14. These streams will be held at 2 PM PT (3 PM ET) on Twitch and the game’s official Youtube channel.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will launch on June 22 for PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

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