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Besides its fresh coat of paint, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is shaping up to continue many of the trends seen in past Black Ops titles. The game will feature a mind-bending story with multiple endings and puzzles to solve along the way, an ’80s themed zombies mode, and more arcade-y multiplayer. But Black Ops Cold War will feature another staple that players should expect — Dark Ops.


Top secret

Dark Ops are a spin-off of the usual challenges players receive in any Call of Duty game. The one difference is that the requirements and rewards from Dark Ops challenges are blacked out, and only revealed once a player actually fulfills the requisites. In plain English, that means players likely won’t know what to do to complete a challenge until they’ve actually done it. In Black Ops 4, these challenges were more goofy than serious or challenging. Players had to kill 100 zombies, beat an opponent by punching them or shoot a two-pointer with a basketball in one of the game’s campaign levels. Of course, none of these challenges were explicitly stated, so only the folks that would try some of the more outlandish things out would actually complete a challenge.

Thanks to a post on Twitter from Charlie Intel though, we already know how many Dark Ops challenges will be in Black Ops Cold War and what one of them actually is. In all, the game will have 32 different Dark Ops challenges to complete, with 13 in both multiplayer and zombies and another six in the game’s campaign. The one Dark Ops challenge that ended up being leaked is titled Nuked Out, and earning it is as simple as nabbing the “nuclear” medal in a match of free-for-all without using a scorestreak. There are two other named Dark Ops challenges, Brutal Killer and Nuclear Killer, but the requirements for those are still under lock and key.

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