Darksiders Genesis Strife

It’s no surprise that the fourth game to bear the Darksiders name would also feature the last of the Four Horsemen. Since the initial reveal of Darksiders Genesis, audiences have witnessed Strife in action as he culls the demon and angel hordes alongside his brother War. The dual pistol-wielding, sword-swinging, eccentric horseman is a master of both ranged and close-quarters combat — a departure from War’s slower, melee-oriented style.

Solo players will have to juggle between Strife and War to optimize their foe-slaying and overcome the game’s many challenges. If playing cooperatively with another player via couch co-op or online multiplayer, each player settles on a character. But while fans of Darksiders have known War for years, Strife has been longing for more attention. The latest Darksiders Genesis trailer focuses on the two halves of the horseman: Strife the killer and Strife the Nephilim cowboy.

All Nephilim accounted for

The Darksiders series is nearing its tenth anniversary with four games under its belt. The original Darksiders released in 2010, introducing the world to War — the coldest and meanest of the horsemen. Death joined him soon after in 2012 with Darksiders II. But after the collapse of THQ, the future of the IP was up in the air. Vigil Games, the developer responsible for the first two entries, went under in the aftermath. From the ashes came Fury in 2018 with Darksiders III, developed by Gunfire Games under the leadership of Vigil Games founder David Adams. It released to mixed reviews, most concerned about the direction that the franchise was taking. What was originally a competent Zelda/God of War hybrid shifted towards what some fans consider a mediocre Souls-like.

Darksiders Genesis looks like an even wilder departure from the classic formula, but one can’t question the Darksiders DNA present. Surprisingly, what Airship Syndicate has going on bears a striking resembling to the original entries. Airship Syndicate is yet another studio staffed by former Vigil employees. Where the series goes from here is anyone’s guess, but we look forward to what’s next for Darksiders.

Darksiders Genesis releases on PC and Google Stadia on December 5. Interested players can preorder the game at a 15% discount.

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