New DayZ update adds explosive weapons and dynamic train events

DayZ update explosion car

Those itching to experience something new in developer Bohemia Interactive’s zombie survival game DayZ will likely appreciate the new update that just dropped. Labeled as update 1.18, this new batch of DayZ content grants players new weapon options as well as a new dynamic event to spice up gameplay.

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The dynamic event in question comes in the form of deadly train wrecks that can now occur somewhere on the map. These events have three tiers to them, which include civilian and military trains, and players can take advantage of these crashes by finding valuable weapons and loot in the middle of the wreckage. However, players should not expect to do so without meeting any resistance, as the former passengers of these trains will group up and attack those who cause too much of a racket.


An explosive new edge to zombie survival

As for the new weapons, they mostly center around explosions in some way. For instance, the new M79 functions as a devastating grenade launcher that comes with three kinds of explosive ammunition. Additionally, players can now uncover and utilize several different grenades dotted around the map, which include the standard explosive and smoke grenades as well as a special P-OX grenade that spews out toxic gas. For players who want a bit more control over their explosive power, the update also provides new plastic and improvised explosives that detonate after a timer set by the player runs out. Other types of explosive weapons featured in the update include the Claymore mine and the fireworks launcher.

The new update for DayZ also provides a few non-explosive weapons for players to mess around with, including the Derringer pistol and the new sawed-off variants of the revolver and Blaze rifle. Even if you don’t like every weapon included in the update, at least one of them will likely appeal to you.

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