Dead Island 2: How to get Curtis’ Safe Key

Dead Island 2 How To Get Curtis' Safe Key
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After you read our Dead Island 2 review, get your undead hands on the game, and make it to the Justifiable Zombicide mission, you can unlock Curtis’ Safe if you know where to get the key. It’s not too far away but will take your best weapon — perhaps the Electrocutor Officer Sword. Here’s where to find and how to get Curtis’ Safe Key in Dead Island 2.

Where to find Curtis’ Safe in Dead Island 2

When you are in Bel-Air, you’ll find Curtis’ Safe in the mansion west of Alpine Drive and south of the intersection of Access Road 782 and 781. Go inside the house and down the hallway on the right. The second room on your left — the one with the wall of wine and the brick wall — is where you’ll find Curtis’ Safe on the brick wall.

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How to get Curtis’ Safe Key in Dead Island 2

Now that you know where Curtis’ Safe is, you need to know where the key is and how to get it. The key to the safe is on Crystal the Lawyer, who is, indeed, a zombie lawyer.

Dead Island 2 Curtis' Safe Key

Image: PC Invasion

Crystal the Lawyer is found in the house just southwest of the house with Curtis’ Safe in it. Be warned, Crystal the Lawyer puts up a fight. She isn’t your average zombie who can be taken down with a few hits. Be careful of surrounding zombies as you fight Crystal the Lawyer. With enough persistence and healing, you’ll defeat Crystal the Lawyer and get Curtis’ Safe Key.

With Curtis’ Safe Key in hand, all that’s left to do is go to the safe and use the key. The reward for this wild goose chase is a Tactical Heavy Revolver. It’s not the best gun in the game, but it is a really solid option for dispatching zombies, especially if you don’t have a gun yet.

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