Dead Space remake PC requirements aren’t as scary as the game, unless you’re a CPU

Dead Space Remake Pc Requirements Specs

EA and Motive Studio recently unveiled the first gameplay trailer for the Dead Space remake. Naturally, that means we’re going to see and hear more and more on the game before its January release. With the trailer, we got to see how the game might look. But what will it take to run it? Well, we have some good news and mildly concerning news. The Dead Space remake PC requirements are out, and they’re mostly not too bad. However, your CPU may sweat a little — and not from fear.

To put things in perspective, Dead Space is a remake of the 2008 original. Back then, the game only required a GeForce 6800 and a CPU set at 2.8GHz to run. The port still didn’t perform all that well, but I digress. The PC requirements for the remake shows us that the all-new Dead Space is obviously more demanding 14 years later. However, your GPU likely won’t have an issue if it wasn’t manufactured before 2016.


Dead Space (the new one) now has specs for both minimum and recommended requirements over at its Steam page. For minimum, you’ll need an RX 5700 or GTX 1070 GPU, a Ryzen 5 2600X or i5 8600 CPU, and 16 GB of RAM. On the recommended side, you’re looking at an RX 6700 XT or RTX 2070 GPU. So far, this is about expected. However, EA is recommending at least a Ryzen 5 5600X or i5 11600K CPU for the game. That’s a hefty leap, and some may run into bottlenecking issues, even if they meet GPU requirements. Both minimum and recommended ask for 50 GB of storage space.

Dead Space Remake Pc Requirements Specs Sheet

Those new lighting effects don’t come cheap

Based on the screenshots and trailer, the Dead Space remake is a gorgeous game and likely needs such high PC requirements. However, some PC users may balk at the recommended CPU needs regardless. Hopefully, the game will come with an in-depth suite of graphics options so players can optimize their performance.

Dead Space will launch on January 27, 2023.

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