Deathloop: How to kill all Visionary bosses in a single day

Deathloop How To Kill All Visionaries In One Day Kill All Bosses In One Day Feat

The main goal in Deathloop, if you wish to break the cycle as Colt, is to ensure that all Visionaries have been taken out in a single day. Unfortunately, things aren’t that straightforward. With several Visionaries, you need to find ways to make most of them appear in the same location. Here’s our Deathloop guide to help you with the final mission where you’ll kill all Visionary bosses in a single day.

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Note: For more information, check out our Deathloop guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers.


Deathloop final mission guide – How to kill all Visionaries (bosses) in a single day

Just a few tips before we continue with this Deathloop guide:

  • Remember, Colt cannot die thrice in the same location/time of day (or you’d repeat the entire cycle). Thankfully, your Reprise charges are refreshed whenever you travel to another zone.
  • Likewise, remember that the game’s autosave system only triggers when you first arrive at a location and when you leave it. Make sure that you complete all your objectives before you go back to the exit tunnels.
  • The codes might be randomized for each player.
  • Julianna can appear multiple times in a single-day cycle and you need to take her out.

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Morning: Karl’s Bay

  • Chaos Theory – Kill Harriet in Hangar 2.
  • The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank – Access Otto’s workshop with the code that you remember. Choose the correct method of sabotaging the fireworks (i.e., jam the rain flaps).

Dthlp Evr1 Hunt Fin Gd 2

Noon: The Complex

  • Lost in Transmission – Use the Field Nullifier to reveal Egor’s device and sabotage it. The code I got was B-3-0-2. This will make Egor attend Aleksis’ party in Updaam at night.

Deathloop How To Kill All Visionaries In One Day Kill All Bosses In One Day 1

Afternoon: Fristad Rock

  • Afternoon Delight – Access the pumping station with the pictogram code (i.e., 24-11-04-41). Sneak around so Charlie and Fia don’t discover you. Reach the control room and pull the lever to flood the chamber. Leave the chamber. You can also drown as Colt near the elevator shaft. As long as you have Reprise charges, you should be back at the pictogram terminal. Charlie and Fia will both drown down below.

Deathloop How To Kill All Visionaries In One Day Kill All Bosses In One Day 2

Evening: Updaam

  • Devouring of the Lambs – Go to Dorsey Manor. Here, you should find Aleksis (as usual), Egor (because you sabotaged his device in Lost in Transmission), and Wenjie.
  • In Wenjie’s case, you should’ve been able to create a forged invitation thanks to 2-BIT. Because 2-BIT remembers your commands regardless of the daily cycle/loop, Wenjie will always be at the Updaam party in the evening.
  • As for Frank, if you sabotaged his fireworks, he’ll get blown to bits the moment he starts to celebrate even though you’re nowhere close to where he is. You’ll see the explosion from miles away.

Deathloop How To Kill All Visionaries In One Day Kill All Bosses In One Day 3

With seven Visionaries dead in a single run in Deathloop, you should be able to fly the Rakyetoplan. This will lead you to the game’s finale and endings.

Deathloop How To Kill All Visionaries In One Day Kill All Bosses In One Day 4

Deathloop is available via Steam and its official website.

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