Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals All 50 Savathun's Eye Locations Ruinous Effigy Catalyst Guide

Mars locations

1. Braytech Futurscape (Ana Bray’s area) – The first Savathun’s Eye you’ll find on Mars is near Destiny 2 fan-favorite Ana Bray. It’s watching her from the ceiling.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 1

2. Aurora Reach – From Ana Bray’s spot, head through the hallway that takes you to Aurora Reach. Once you exit the hallway and find the open area, look to your left and you’ll spot the Savathun’s Eye floating in mid-air.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 2

3. Mindlab: Rasputin – From there, keep going until you reach the area where you speak to Rasputin. The Savathun’s Eye is to your left just before  the large metal doors to Rasputin’s chamber.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 3

4. Core Terminus lost sector – Teleport back to Braytech Futurescape and head to the Core Terminus lost sector. Get to the area where you’re fighting against several Hive thrall just before the boss’ room and you’ll find another one here.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 4

5. Braytech Futurescape (outside) – From the Braytech Futurescape spawn location, turn left and you’ll spot one of these things behind a building.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 5

6. Alton Dynamo – Ride your sparrow and head to the Alton Dynamo area. Follow the corridors that take you to the Will of the Thousands (Xol) strike from Destiny 2‘s Warmind DLC.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 6a

Run past all the mobs until you reach the large room where the Hive ogre usually spawns.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 6b

Peak to your left and you’ll find the Savathun’s Eye at the ceiling.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 6c

7. Glacial Drift (building) – Fast travel to Glacial Drift and make your way up the hill. The Savathun’s Eye is inside the large building.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 7

8. Ma’adim Subterrane lost sector – From there, head deep into the Maadim Subterrane lost sector. The Savathun’s Eye is at the boss’ room at an opening above the cavern.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 8

9. Glacial Drift (bridge) – Fast travel again to Glacial Drift, but, this time, head left towards the bridge.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 9a

Enter the small building here and you’ll find another of these ghastly things.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 9b

10. Olympus Descent – The last Savathun’s Eye on Mars is found all the way in Olympus Descent. From your location, head south through the caverns where you normally go through to fight Nokris.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 10a

Instead of making a right where the knights and crystals are, keep going south.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 10b

Eventually, you’ll find yourself at an open area which was how the first mission of Destiny 2: Warmind started. The Savathun’s Eye is just behind a cliff face in that initial area.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mars 10c

Make your way to Mercury for the next Savathun’s Eye locations.

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