What happens afterward?

    New activities are available for all players of Destiny 2: Forsaken. First off, go ahead and make your way to The Dreaming City which has a brand new cutscene that plays out. We won’t spoil it but it’s amazing!

    Petra Venj

    Visit Petra and you’ll get a new mission called “Broken Courier.” This short mission nets you an additional powerful gear drop.

    Last Wish Raid Destiny 2 Forsaken Petra Broken Courier

    Heroic Blind Well

    Check out The Blind Well and you can now do the Heroic versions using the Unstable Charge of Light. All you need to do is finish a Tier 3 encounter and then a player has to place the Unstable Charge of Light in the Blind Well’s center quickly when it’s over.

    This week, the boss is a Scorn that summons exploding Screebs. Simply tether those Screebs and kill them while they’re near the boss to break its shield. Yes, Screeb explosions are the only way to remove its immunity.

    This will give you a powerful drop. We’re guessing it’s once a week per character. Also, don’t forget to pop a Tincture of Queensfoil as you’re doing the heroic version so that you get the Purification Ritual bounty completed. It gives you an armor mod that increases your damage in The Dreaming City and the Last Wish raid without any downsides.

    The Corrupted Strike

    The Corrupted Strike is also available in The Dreaming City destination. This is a brilliantly designed Strike where you transfer to and fro reality and the Ascendant Plane. To defeat the boss in the end, just pass the orb around by throwing it to a teammate to empower it. Your teammate then throws the orb at the boss. You should also use a Tincture of Queensfoil if you have the Purification Ritual bounty so that you can complete it.

    The Drifter and Hawthorne

    Both Hawthorne and The Drifter have new bounties for you which provide powerful drops. It looks like Hawthorne’s cannot be completed yet as it requires Clan Rank 4. The Drifter’s bounty requires you to get 1,000 points in Gambit by banking motes, defeating players, and killing enemies. A new Gambit map called Cathedral of Stars is also available.

    In Closing

    The Last Wish raid truly feels like the pinnacle of PvE content in the Destiny franchise. It has quickly changed Destiny 2 from a passable option in the FPS/online gaming throne to one of the top contenders in terms of player dedication and fanbase. The Last Wish streaming sessions garnered more views than the juggernaut that is Fortnite.

    Congratulations to Clan Redeem and everyone who has completed it so far. Good luck as well to all the Guardians bravely going where only a few have gone before.

    As for me, I currently have one clear after a very long, stressful day. I least I can order a snazzy jacket.

    Jason Rodriguez
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