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We’ve already gone one full rotation for the Prestige Lair modifiers in Destiny 2. This week, we’re back to the Arsenal modifier and a different loadout. We hope you’ve obtained your 400 power level armors since the Solstice of Heroes event is ongoing. That being said, on to our Weekly Prestige Lair guide.

Weekly Prestige Lair Modifier: Arsenal

The last time we had Arsenal in the Prestige Lairs of Destiny 2, it made clearing mobs a lot easier. Having multiple Colony spider grenades helped us take out enemies hiding in nooks and crannies. This time around, with a different loadout restriction, it can be a little bit more annoying. As usual, try to have fast-firing, or full-auto weapons in order to get to your power weapon slot as soon as possible.

Weekly Prestige Lair Armsmaster

Kinetic – Sidearms

For sidearms, your best bet is the Last of the Legion gun which drops from the raid. It’s full auto, and if you got one from the raid, it’s going to be at 400 power as well. You generally won’t be using this much except to kill a couple of weak enemies. Most of the time, you’ll spend the entire clip just to get to your next slot.

Energy – Scout Rifles

Your top choices for scouts would be the Polaris Lance for Eater of Worlds, and the Conspirator for Spire of Stars. The former is helpful for taking down Argos’ body parts with crits. Since Polaris Lance refunds ammo for crit shots, you can keep shooting indefinitely until his body parts explode. You can check that video above from YouTuber Mesa Sean on how to get Polaris Lance and its masterwork.

The latter is simply so that you’ll free up your power slot for an exotic. Also, since it can drop as 400 PL from the Prestige Lairs, you get a slight boost.

Power – Rocker Launchers

In Eater of Worlds, you can go with Curtain Call or Sins of the Past. Make sure they’re void element to take out the Minotaurs. In Spire of Stars, your best bet will always be Wardcliff Coil, this is because it can take out a Gladiator in one barrage. This makes it easier for you to help out other teammates who might be having trouble.

Destiny 2 Prestige Lair

The Prestige Lair Boss Guide

Eater of Worlds – Argos

With Polaris Lance, you can ensure guaranteed crits and ammo refills during transition phases. This will definitely prevent any possible wipe that may occur when people run out of ammo or cannot hit crits. Since Nightstalkers’ tethers will do most of the work, you’ll rarely, if ever, use a rocket launcher–only when a Minotaur sneaks up on your team, that is.

Spire of Stars – Valus Ca’uor

This week, we’re doing away with the sniping in the back rooms and going gung-ho with in-your-face super attacks. That’s right, we’re back to Arcstriders, Sunbreakers, and Voidwalkers throwing their supers on the boss. Since it’s Arsenal, you want to make sure that your rocket launcher is ready for Gladiators dropping in, and when you need to clear mobs near the bombing rooms. If you can switch your scout rifle to a solar element, that also helps take down shielded Centurions.

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