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The Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes event is upon us, so there’s a lot more to do from this week onwards. Prestige Mode still remains quite a challenge for those looking to take down Argos and Valus Ca’uor in the Prestige Lairs. It’s good to match those 400 power level armors from Solstice of Heroes with 400 PL weapons from the Lairs as well. Much like last week’s guide from our sister site Daily Esports, this one will focus on the best load-outs to get the job done.

Destiny 2 Voidwalker Warlock

Weekly Prestige Lair Modifier: Prism

Prism was touted by Bungie as a “fan favorite,” which we totally scoffed at. It’s not so much of a favorite and more of an additional mechanic to worry about. Prism elements rotate from Void -> Arc -> Solar damage every 25 seconds or so. When your weapon’s element or abilities match the corresponding element, you do more damage like an elemental singe. When your weapons or abilities don’t match the current element, you do less. It will not affect damage from enemies.

So, Prism can be a good or bad thing. Ideally, you’ll want your energy weapon to be a different element from your character’s subclass to cover at least two elements in the rotation. It’s all about timing the DPS phase properly to coincide with the Prism element that you want.

Weekly Prestige Lair Armsmaster:

Kinetic – Auto Rifles

Once again, Auto Rifles have a chance to shine. If you got it to drop from the Prestige Lairs, a 405 PL Ghost Primus is a great choice. The high PL will boost you a bit to be in line against enemy mobs. Should you not have that, your best bet is the Braytech Winter Wolf.

Energy – Pulse Rifles

The best option among legendary Pulse Rifles would be the Inaugural Address; bonus if it’s a 405 from a Prestige Lair. For exotics, some might say Graviton Lance, but that would be a tough call. Using that means not being able to use an exotic for the power weapon slot, which would be important, as detailed below.

Power – Sniper Rifles

Whisper of the Worm, bar none, is your best bet for the power slot. The exotic sniper rifle, which comes from a secret quest, is a monster in PvE. Check out our weekly guide for it once it comes back for the weekend. If you still don’t have Whisper of the Worm, Borealis (changeable elements), is a good substitute. Of course, don’t forget to swap Borealis to the proper element to match Prism’s effect.

The Prestige Lair Boss Guide

Eater of Worlds – Argos

Argos will be extremely easy because of Whisper of the Worm. Argos doesn’t move at all, which makes hitting the crit spot almost like child’s play. Since your team will be running with Golden Guns and Hammers, you’ll want to wait for Prism to rotate to Solar when you start the DPS. To do this, just delay on breaking his shield until some time has passed after Prism has switched to Arc. By the time you break Argos’ shield, it would’ve rotated to Solar already.

Spire of Stars – Valus Ca’uor

Prism will be tougher to time correctly for this fight because of tighter mechanics. You can’t simply delay throwing the orbs to break Valus Ca’uor’s shield, because delaying might lead to a wipe. This means just going for the DPS when possible and hoping to do a decent damage output.

Hunters will naturally be Arcstriders. Since they’re not expected to use power weapons during the DPS phase, they’re free to have Graviton Lance. Titans and Warlocks, since their supers will run out before the DPS phase ends, can choose among the sniper rifles listed above.

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