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It’s the fifth week since the Prestige Lair activities have been released for Destiny 2. Hop into Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars and get those 400 power level weapons. They’re sure to help you get ready once Forsaken releases in September.

Once more, we’ve got you covered with our weekly boss and weapons guide. Last week saw the Prestige Lair modifier rotation restart the cycle with Arsenal. This week, we’re back to Gladiator which just might be a favorite of many raiders.

Week 5 Prestige Lair Modifier: Gladiator

Much like Week 2 when it was last active, Gladiator is an amazingly helpful modifier. Killing mobs with your weapon gives you Frenzy, which is a melee buff. Killing enemies with melee attacks will give you Triumphant Rush, which is a weapon damage buff. These buffs aid you in boss fights since they last indefinitely until you get a kill. Your melee also charges instantly after a weapon kill.

Week 5 Prestige Lair Armsmaster

Kinetic – Hand Cannons

Your top options would be Midnight Coup (better if you have a 405 drop from the Prestige Lairs already) or Better Devils. Some might suggest Crimson since it can heal you after killing an enemy, but you’d lose the all-important exotic slot.

Energy – Submachine Guns

Bar none, the Ikelos Submachine Gun is the best choice here. The reason for this is because of the Gladiator modifier for the Prestige Lair. The Ikelos SMG refills your ammo when you get a melee kill. You can pretty much rush up to weaker mobs, shoot them dead (gain Frenzy), punch them (get your ammo back and gain Triumphant Rush), and then shoot them again. Breaking elemental shields also makes enemies take higher kinetic damage. This is great for Minotaurs and Centurions, just be sure to switch to the correct element — Solar for Spire of Stars, Void for Eater of Worlds.

If this still doesn’t convince you, check out the video below courtesy of Destiny 2 player Houndish.

Power – Grenade Launchers

I would definitely choose The Colony once more. Previously, when Armsmaster had Grenade Launchers as a mandatory pick, The Colony was our raid group’s go-to power weapon. Taking out adds hiding in corners or behind obstacles is hilariously easy. You can clear out an entire area without putting yourself in so much danger.

The Prestige Lair Boss Guide

Eater of Worlds – Argos

Supers will once again carry the day since Sniper Rifles aren’t in the rotation. As usual, one Nightstalker can safely tether the mobs in the DPS plate while everyone just charges craniums. Pick up those orbs to spam those supers once Argos’ shield is broken. The Ikelos SMG and Colony combo, along with the Gladiator modifier, make quick work of entire map sections.

Spire of Stars – Valus Ca’uor

This is where Colony really shines. Just stay in safe areas when needed and fire those spider tracker grenades and watch those damage numbers pile up. Fire them towards the center/boss platform to clear the enemies there as well. Make sure to use the raid gloves with the “heavy ammo on melee kill” perk to keep your launcher refilled.

Since it’s Gladiator once more, Valus Ca’uor becomes a chump. Taking him out in one phase requires just two Arcstriders max. Have them wear Raiden Flux and an Arc element raid cloak. Remember to shoot one mob with a weapon to gain Frenzy for the duration of the DPS phase. Lastly, don’t forget to dodge to gain the Lethal Current super buff and spam those attacks.




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