Say what you will about the Destiny franchise, it does have a very dedicated community. It’s a player base comprised of thousands of Guardians all eager to learn more about the game and find its secrets. The previous secret — the Whisper of the Worm exotic in Destiny 2 — got everyone excited to obtain the weapon. That’s probably why a number of players were eager to look for some spicy ramen noodles, thinking there’d be another secret quest. Sadly, the unfortunate players ended up with absolutely nothing.

    Hunting for Cayde-6’s secret spicy ramen noodles

    Some PC players might not be aware of how much the community loves Cayde-6. After all, even though Destiny 2 is available on PC, the first game was only for consoles. The flippant and jovial Exo Hunter provided comic relief in Destiny for a time. That’s why players are saddened that Cayde-6 will meet his demise this upcoming Forsaken expansion.

    The Destiny community believed that there would be another secret quest to look for just before Forsaken launched — something that would remind players of Cayde-6. This recent weekly reset got some hopes up when players discovered a quest to pick up a spicy ramen noodle voucher in the game’s main hub. Once you picked it up, all it said was that it had expired decades ago. Naturally, that meant it was a clue.

    This led a number of players attempting various methods on how to get to the next step of the “secret quest.” Of course, players tried equipping the spicy ramen emblem and doing the spicy ramen emote in front of the stall. Some opened treasure chests whose maps were handed out by Cayde-6. Others attempted to complete various activities such as strikes, public events, and raids — anything that might lead to the next step. Likewise, there were those who even went to old Destiny 2 locations which supposedly had spicy ramen shops. Some claimed to have gone to “noodle stalls” in a PvP map or in the European Dead Zone (EDZ).

    Much a-noodle about nothing

    In the end, all the hours of searching were all for naught. One of Bungie’s representatives, Dmg04, stated that there really was no additional step. No secret quest. No Cayde-6 memorabilia. It was just an endless string of spicy noodles that led nowhere. It’s reminiscent of the “tiny box of raisins” in Destiny. Many thought they’d do something special but they did nothing until a year later when they became part of a mini-quest to obtain the Superblack shader.

    If you’re new to Destiny 2, then we hope that this event shows you just how willing the community is to scour the world for secrets. Many features of the game were all discovered thanks to patient players. This particular spiced-up moment happened because some thought there would be a proper sendoff for Cayde-6. Then again, maybe there is one, but Bungie is still keeping it under wraps.

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