Destiny 2 The Revelry Spring Event Guide Verdant Forest

Destiny 2 – The Revelry Spring Event Guide

Spring has arrived in Destiny 2, and with it comes a brand new event: The Revelry. This Spring Event takes us all the way back to the Infinite Forest, now greener and, ahem, more verdant than ever. You’ll be able to collect some new armor pieces, cosmetic items, and, yes, even some extra perks to help you out in other content. Just look at how vibrant the Tower looks today?

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Destiny 2 - The Revelry Spring Event Guide - The Tower

Hey, someone’s been redecorating.

Gin And Tonic

Head over to Eva Levante. Destiny 2’s grandma is back from eating all the leftover cookies and she’s got a new concoction for you. It’s the Revelry Tonic. Inspect it and use the Revelry Essence. The tonic is now active, and it will give you a boost to either your grenade, melee, or class ability recharge rate. Don’t bother with the last two because everyone will probably want grenades. This buff lasts an hour, by the way.

Eva tasks you to head over to the Verdant Forest to complete a bounty. Before you do that, though, speak to Tess Everis because you’ll also be able to complete one of her bounties that’ll give you a Verdant Engram exclusive for this event.

Once you’re done grabbing the stuff you need, just open the map and you’ll see that neat symbol for the Verdant Forest. The regular mode has matchmaking and the firewalled version doesn’t have it.

Destiny 2 - The Revelry Spring Event Guide - Eververse

Of course, Tess will have new cosmetics!

The Verdant Forest

The first things you’ll notice in this Verdant Forest are the striking colors. Flowers are everywhere, and vines are growing all over the place. Still, you’ll spot the old enemy critters hanging around, and you do need to shoot them.

There’s a fairly generous timer once you begin, and taking out enemies extends the timer for the entire activity. Major enemies (yellow bars) in some sections will also extend the timer for the final area (which we’ll explain later). Likewise, opening chests in this zone will add more precious seconds.

Keep moving from one section to the next until you reach a plate that can be activated. This will slightly change that layout of the Verdant Forest and you’ll make your way back, killing more baddies, until you get to the end to activate another plate.

Now, you might notice a notification on the left side of your screen saying how many branches you’ve cleared. Each branch adds 15 seconds for the final phase or the boss phase. If you’ve cleared 20 branches, then you’ve got five minutes for the last part. You can actually clear as many branches as you’d want, and the timer extends past five minutes even though that’s what’s visually seen.

Still, 20 branches or so seems to be the magic number since the last part doesn’t take too long. Do note that your team needs to let the timer run out, otherwise, you won’t get to the final stage. Take a look at this image below:

Destiny 2 - Verdant Forest- Guardian

This blueberry kept clearing mobs. As for me and the other random, we just jumped to our deaths since we were already past 20 branches cleared.

The Boss Wave

That blueberry actually kept reviving us, probably wondering why we weren’t helping him. Yes, if ever your team of randoms gets past 20 branches, it’s best to just give them a hint that you want the timer to run out.

Once the timer’s finished, you’ll be facing off against five bosses in quick succession. They range from Cabal Colossi, Fallen Servitors, Vex Hydras, and Hive Giant Knights, basically Destiny 2’s chumps. They aren’t bosses akin to Insurrection Prime or Riven. Heck, they seem to be weaker than strike bosses. They actually die within 20-30 seconds or so.

Once you’ve cleared all five, multiple chests will spawn giving you more Revelry Essences and even a piece of Inaugural Revelry armor. This armor set will actually boost the effects of your Revelry Tonic the more pieces you wear.

Destiny 2 - Verdant Forest - boss

We had roughly a minute left when the fifth and final boss died. Plenty of time, Guardian.

The Bounties And The Grind

Once you’re done, complete your bounty — which gives you an Inaugural Revelry helmet — and return to Eva. She’ll now have additional bounties for you to do. Some are daily bounties and others are weeklies. The weekly bounties are:

  • Defeat 10 bosses in the Verdant Forest = Inaugural Revelry chest piece
  • Generate Revelry Orbs with precision kills = Inaugural Revelry leg armor
  • Complete five Vanguard Strikes or Nightfalls = Inaugural Revelry arm piece
  • Complete five Crucible or Gambit matches = Inaugural Revelry class item

The daily bounties, along with the completion of the boss wave, provide you with more Revelry Essence. You might want to save up because you can use it for the following:

  • Revelry Tonic buff = costs 50 essences; buff lasts for an hour
  • Reveler’s Assortments = costs 75 essences; can provide enhancement cores, armor pieces, or a helmet ornament
  • The Arbalest = costs 300 essences; this is an exotic linear fusion rifle for the kinetic slot (the first of its kind), which does extra damage to shielded enemies
Destiny 2 - The Revelry Spring Event Guide - The Arbalest Exotic

The Arbalest

The Arbalest Triumphs

To obtain the Arbalest, you not only need to spend 300 Revelry Essence, but you also need to complete seven Revelry-related triumphs:

  • Spring Cleaning – complete 50 branches in the Verdant Forest
  • Verdant Light: Competitive – generate 200 orbs of light in the Crucible or Gambit while affected by Revelric Light
  • Verdant Light: Cooperative – generate 200 orbs of light in strikes or raids while affected by Revelric Light
  • Verdant Light: Events – generate 200 orbs of light in the Verdant Forest or Black Armory forges while affected by Revelric Light
  • Spring Hunt – defeat one boss in the Verdant Forest
  • Budding Fashion – 20 Verdant Forest bosses defeated while wearing at least four pieces of Inaugural Revelry gear
  • Super Celebratory – defeat 150 enemies with supers in any activity
  • Fireworks – 100 grenade final blows in the Crucible, Gambit, or strikes
  • Melee Mayhem – 100 melee kills in the Verdant Forest, Black Armory forges, or raids
  • A Bountiful Spring – complete 50 of Eva Levante’s bounties during The Revelry Spring Event

Note: Revelric Light has a chance to proc whenever you get a precision kill. Orbs will pop up from an enemy you downed, so just keep shooting stuff in the head.

Any Destiny 2 veteran will know that Crucible will become a mess when you take boosted abilities into consideration. In fact, the Revelry Tonic’s effect being active in Crucible — both in Quickplay and Competitive — has led to complaints and even a little joke from Reddit user Robolettox. We’ll skip the Crucible and Gambit parts to make things easier.

That’d leave us with:

  • Spring Hunt – easiest to complete since you only need to kill one boss
  • Spring Cleaning – fairly easy since you just need to keep clearing branches
  • Budding Fashion – once you get four armor pieces, just keep killing bosses in the Verdant Forest
  • Super Celebratory – can get completed while you’re killing mobs with supers in the Verdant Forest or any activity
  • Verdant Light: Events – easily done while running through the Verdant Forest
  • Verdant Light: Cooperative – easily done in strikes or raids; you can pick Last Wish and just kill the thrall in Kalli’s area
  • Fireworks – same as above, just head to Kalli’s area and start throwing grenades on thrall; make sure you have the Revelry Tonic’s grenade buff active
Destiny 2 - The Revelry Spring Event Guide - Eva bounties

Do all the bounties that Eva offers since these are also part of a triumph.

Is The Arbalest Worth It?

Of course, those seven triumphs are just for the Arbalest exotic. You’ll need to complete all the Revelry triumphs just to get an emblem. In any case, the question now is whether the Arbalest is worth it?

For the sake of completion, yes, you’ll probably want this one in your collection. Although we’ve also been told that the Arbalest will be part of the exotic engram loot pool once the Spring Event is over.

As far as PvE utility goes, it’s a waste of an exotic slot. At no point in time will you ever feel the need to replace your Thunderlord, Whisper of the Worm, or Wardcliff Coil just to use it. It might help when you’re doing Nightfalls with Match Game active just because it does extra damage to shields, but that’s it.

For Crucible, it’s a completely different story. The Arbalest does 160 damage on a body shot, but headshots are a guaranteed one-hit kill. Since it only uses up special ammo, you’ve got something worthwhile in case you miss the Sleeper Simulant, Queenbreaker, or Crooked Fang. Take a look at this video from YouTuber MillGaming:

That about does it for our guide on Destiny 2’s The Revelry Spring Event. Have fun, and like Shaxx says, “You need to throw more grenades, Guardian.” You’ll only have until May 7 when this event — and essentially the last stop before Penumbra — ends. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Destiny 2: Joker’s Wild guides in our “Everything you need to know” hub.

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